More Car or Truck Living

Individual circumstances vary greatly. When younger I believe it is much easier to find a friend or relative to stay with. Will you be expected to chip in on rent and/or utilities right away? How about life-style limitations?

I am an Old Coot approaching 60 and friendships at my age are far different than those when in my 20s. Things in general change as one ages. I am on my own so a vehicle to live in not only makes sense for me but may be the only available alternate living arrangement.

As with the other post about this topic I am including links to hopefully helpful Web sites.

Selecting A Vehicle To Live In: A Guide for Wannabe Car Dwellers

Mom forced to live in car with dogs

No, not forced to live with expensive-to-feed mutts. It is a choice.

To simplify living in a vehicle porta-potty of some type could make a huge difference. and other Web sites offering outdoor and camping gear show a variety of types available. Read the reviews and look for something that will hold up. Looking at various offerings and reading reviews it seems to me that the style using sturdy plastic throw-away plastic bags may be best.

camper trike door open

camper trike


Updated July 13, 2022. Dead links removed.

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