Urban and Suburban Tent Living

View the excellent story and additional pictures here—> HERE

Urban Camping: Subversive City Living from Times Square to the Car Tent

Instead of hiding in a park or making up excuses in a public location, car tent users can camouflage themselves right in plain view.”


Follow the link above for all the incredible details.

I have mentioned using an actual vehicle as an alternate abode but the car-cover tent is an item new to me and may be a viable option in some areas.

The comments section does mention some definite drawbacks to a car-tent with being struck by a real vehicle and the danger of injury or even death.

Even in a parking lot a badly-handled car or a drunk driver could run you over.


One of the comments mentions “a tent in the shape of a square that is colored like red bricks?”

then putting the tent next to a building.

Or, I suppose, making the tent with whatever building construction style is most often used in your area.

Yes, there are many drawbacks with urban or suburban out-in-the-open tent dwelling so, as with living-in-a-car/truck/van stealth may still be the best option.

As the economic conditions within the USA continue to deteriorate even with the lying figurehead politicians spewing that things are getting better to protect their ruling class and corporate masters and as the newly-created job numbers fail to keep up with legal immigration rates let alone make up for the HUGE numbers of unemployed and under-employed and the ever-growing number of USA citizens unable to afford housing there will be a growing number of homeless and unsheltered people.

Some will have vehicles to reside in but some will need some form of shelter.

Homeless shelters often have many limitations and drawbacks that make finding a suburban hide-away to pitch a tent for night-time sleeping and rely upon places such as gyms, etc. for showers and basic cleaning needs a requirement.

Keeping the rain and snow and wind and bugs off the body is needed.

And to prevent theft a portable tent or shelter that provide that protection so it can be either hidden or, even better, securely locked away somewhere during the day while at work.

yes, in modern-day USA you can be employed full-time but the pay still forces a worker to be unable to afford rent for even a filthy small hovel or apartment.

Ten creative and unusual camping tents

“The collapse is here. It’s staring us in the face. It can’t be ignored. And, it’s not even close to being over.”

Read more —> (sigh. link no work no more.)

Watch a video—>(no video for you.link dead. sniff)

The video shows a family living in a truck but does have impact upon the viewer or at least it should.

But, sadly, I still hear and read that too many people are just lazy and deserve what is happening to them.

I have relatives I do not speak to anymore who blame all homelessness and/or joblessness because they are “those people.”


I can not know about YOUR particular circumstances or what you will confront or how to best survive what YOU ay face.

Perhaps you will be lucky and have a usable vehicle that allows a decent vehicle-as-a-home house-less event.

A long-wheel-base cargo van has many advantages if you have enough savings to pay for maintenance, license plate and registration or whatever costs you will face.

Basic insurance for legal reasons and self-protection is either needed or required.

You may need gas to assist in being stealthy to keep the jack-booted thugs who are only loyal to their ruling-class masters.

So many variables.

Here are more vehicle/tent options—> Here

When the summer heat arrives the tent would allow more fresh air and breeze to enter.

The attached vehicle could be a retreat and assists in mobility and a handy storage place for the tent, cooking gear, a porta-potty or whatever.

A tent does have drawbacks.

Especially if all you have to live in is a tent.

Excess rain or winter’s cold.

Summer heat and bugs and spiders and snakes and evil people and more possible threats.

Having to hide from the well-paid enforcement arm(s) of local, state and national jack-booted thugs who may steal your possessions then throw them away.

Remember, no matter how decent of a law-abiding, moral upright good person/citizen you are there are many who despise you.

I wonder how many of “those people” (to throw the term at THEM as the term is thrown upon the growing number of USA homeless) look down upon you due to the guilt they MAY feel at being lucky while you and possibly your family if you have such in your plight, are homeless through no fault of your own.

Welcome to the new USA.

Our “deserving” socio-economic classes are doing very well economically but the common folks… the unlucky, the unfortunate and admittedly some lazy but there are also mentally ill folks who used to have refuge in various state hospitals but for various reasons have been tossed aside to fend for themselves and We, the People are paying for the 1960s era events that closed so many state-run facilities.

Some of the state hospitals for the mentally ill were closed based on good intentions but some were closed so that the wealth spent upon them can be used elsewhere such as defending corporate business interest overseas.

This is not the place to cover the many reasons for those changes decades ago but they did occur and our society, our educational systems and elite-owned mass media seldom mention those events.

Web searching can enlighten those who want to know.

“In some areas, local laws prohibit tent cities outright and residents are forced to hide in forests or otherwise undisclosed locations to avoid raids and harassment by police. In other cities, the sudden fact of hundreds of people living in a parking lot simply has to be accepted when shelters are already bursting at the seams. With repossessed homes, no income and no credit some individuals and families have no other option.”

Read more and see videos—> Here

Hooverville: Shantytown of Seattle’s Great Depression—>  Read Here

Seattle Wrestles With Urban Tent Cities The “Hoovervilles” of OUR Great Depression that our ruling masters, corporate USA and their politician figurehead lackeys lie about and label what is a depression to many USA citizens as a mere recession—>(link murdered by evil forces)

Tent urbanism blog. Interesting with lots of pics—> (an epidemic of dead links!!!)

“..he said were too small for him, but might fit me. I tried to decline, but eventually I gave in. They were a token of his thinking I was “all right,” and I couldn’t have been more flattered.”

Read the rest—> (damn. link dead. a great link when alive. RIP)

Alternative living can be a choice or may be forced upon you.

Where you are when forced to live an alternative life-style can make a major difference in the quality of your life.

If life events may force you into an alternative life-style I advise you to plan ahead.

Just because you have a job at a livable wage is for many USA citizens no guarantee that is a permanent situation.

Plan ahead!!!

I have recommended for many years that folks obtain a reliable vehicle suitable for living in stealthily before it is required.

Have some funds set aside to assist during lean no-income times and if a job loss happens cut your expenses to the minimum.

By planning ahead and being prepared your alternate life-style forced upon you may not be as bad as it can be for those not prepared.

Use the Web to plan ahead of possible places to move to. Places not as hostile to homeless folks as some places are.

The Web has a surprising amount of information.

Use various search words and terms and follow links and as you inform yourself look for search words and terms you had not considered yet.

Good luck to all and may good luck be with all of you!!!


Post updated July 13, 2022

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