Coot Comments Carefully Composed

(image via Lee Wag)

Coot comments and commentary are well-researched and based upon clinical studies composed and compiled at the world-renowned Disgruntled Old Coot Clinical Studies Center located across the ridge and a couple hollers over yonder.

With a highly-trained staff of one you are assured that every Coot written utterance is at the least semi-coherent. Lucidity is not guaranteed, however. Neither is factuality. If visiting the clinic watch out for the rotten floor boards.

Thank you for visiting this blog and may the contents never be useful to you due to homelessness and/or circumstances beyond your control.

My last “good” job that actually provided benefits such as a pension plan, a 401K thing, affordable health insurance, etc. was sent overseas along with 7,000-plus other jobs at the same firm until that corporation no longer used USA citizen workers.

The “American Way” was maintained by ensuring the maximum amount of wealth was sent to those running the corporation. I believe I am safe in assuming that the bonuses paid to the corporate higher-ups that year were either maintained or maximized. Sadly, many Coot Assumptions ™ can not be clinically studied due to a lack of information and time to perform the intricate research required to compile data, information and other stuff that those higher up the socio-economic hierarchy possess.

A Coot of the working-poor class is limited in many ways and the upper levels of the socio-economic hierarchy have erected various barriers along with their life-long indoctrination that begins at a USA resident’s earliest years and is hammered into our minds throughout our Kindergarten through high school years and even into the college and university levels.

I wonder to what extent trade schools are engaged in that indoctrination?

Not that it matters since We, the People, are confronted by a HUGE array of sources relentlessly spewing the ruling-elites propaganda to ensure that the status quo so vital to the continuous ever-upwards flow of wealth and power continues.

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