Tightwad, Missouri USA 64735

The fine folks residing within Tightwad must be mighty proud that they rate a Wikipedia entry.

City-data.com info

You can use Google street view to peek at the buildings next to the main drag; state highway 7.

The Harry S. Truman reservoir is nearby where ample recreational activities related to water and boats, etc. is available.

I have not visited Tightwad but the hamlet’s name attracted me.

It appears the “wide spot on the road” has a restaurant, a convenience store with gas pumps and a bank.

Orange square is Henry County where Tightwad is located. Partial map to left shows Tightwad at the extreme eastern section of Henry County.

Google Maps can be used to assist in obtaining driving directions and possible areas and things of interest in the area; along with a basic non-map Google or other search engine search.

To the east still on Hwy. 7, is another wide spot labeled Racket.

That hamlet has the Ripper’s Sports Bar and Grill.

I saw a BBQ sign in the parking area of Rippers.

Sometimes these out-of-the-way eating places have the finest vittles.

Racket is even closer to the Truman Reservoir.

Hickory Hollow Resort

(link removed.now leads to female escort site with scantily-clad lasses)

We are located 1 mile south of Winsor Crossing [ Tebo Creek] on Hwy PP or 1 mile North off Hwy #7 on Hwy PP In Tightwad,Mo

I found this place using Google. I have never been there but their RV sites appear to me as a good deal.

I do not know what a good deal is for cabins but they have them. And if you live nearby, even if in Kansas, Iowa, Oklahoma, etc. it shouldn’t take long or a lot of gas to travel to an area with a BIG reservoir nearby and a peaceful country setting.

There are likely other nearby facilities in the Truman Reservoir area.

Use a search engine for information about all the areas around Truman Reservoir. There is likely a large number of vacation spots and the lake provides many vacation activities and vacationing close to home not only saves you money but keeps that money close to home and puts local regular folks such as you and I to work!!!

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