Be a Blow-hard

Blow hard or softly (soft likely the best) and fill the air with soulful sounds. Play a flute-like device that is described by various names. Some flutes are very simple to play… just blow into the hole and cover the various holes with your fingers to alter the tone. There are so many types of flute that I will not attempt to describe them all.

I am NOT writing about the “traditional” metal flute seen in marching bands or at your local high school concert band, etc.

Here are some examples of what I am referring to——> Here

(Thank you to Lombroso for this pic)

Pictured above is a shakuhachi, a Japanese “end-blown” flute available in several materials.

As the first linked-to site shows there are many various types of non-traditional (to USA ears) flutes.

For alternate lifestyle affairs even playing a “real” flute is out-of-the-norm but it may be fun to be able to grab a wooden or bamboo or even a plastic “different” flute and begin tooting or whatever the tones are called.

The International Shakuhachi Society

Poking around the Web some more is this nifty informative site:

“…relatively modern forms of dizi and xiao that I describe here.”

Tai Hei Shakuhachi Japanese Bamboo Flutes

Some of those Oriental-type flutes either, apparently, advise or require the use of a “membrane” atop the hole the user blows across:

Maybe the “membrane” thing just adds to the tone and the flute may function without it. I haven’t found an answer yet.

If you have an answer the “leave a comment” portion of this entry is screaming loudly for you to offer an answer!!

The xiao is a Chinese vertical end-blown flute similar to the shakuhachi from what I can determine but I have neither type of flute at hand to compare them.

Whatever instrument is played the sound of music can add to the aura of any event.

In Disgruntled Old Coot Opinion if the music is “gentle” acoustic (unamplified) amateur player-based; the music is so much better than LOUD AMPLIFIED stuff so common at many events where hordes of humans crowd in upon each other.

I flee when the background music is the typical endlessly encroaching LOUD NOISE so typical at many events where the human horde/herd tend to gather and exhibit the often too-typical obnoxiousness and incivility that prompts me to huddle inside my hovel.

For those of thee following a different life path try a small group gathering with one or more of you playing some gentle soothing notes that do not intrude upon conversation.

Bars and clubs often purposefully play LOUD music to encourage maximum alcohol intake to maximize profits.

Akin to how many fast-food joints and other places where people congregate install hard non-padded seats to encourage folks to move along; they do not want you any longer than possible.

Eat the food you just bought and get going.

The goal being to maximize income. Grab the customer’s money and get them out of there as quickly as possible.

Fine. Not that there is anything really “wrong” with that but is that how you want to live your life?

A mere consumer brainwashed by corporate USA?

A mere source of wealth for others?

Conditioned and exposed to environments that maximize other’s incomes?

Walk the different path.

Create your own scenarios.

Do your own thing.

And, to display to yourself and others just how neato you are… before leaving an area used for your peaceful and enjoyable social gathering or even if you sit there alone… pick up any trash you left and, perhaps, some or more if slobs were there before thee, some or all of their trash and place it inside a trash collection container.

I and many other decent folks will appreciate your efforts.

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