Cardboard Carton Comfort

Cardboard… it may be a friend for those with nowhere to dwell. Being forced to live in a cardboard box tells me that the one inside is truly down-and-out.

He Is Living in a Cardboard Box

There are so many variables if you are forced into cardboard box living. Some common things are safety, protection from bad weather and keeping warm.

Then there are environment factors.

Are you in a city? Suburbs? Out in the country? An out-of-the-way place in a small city or town and well-hidden? All the above affect how you prepare your box and how you live in it.

Making the box waterproof is important if exposed to rain or snow or whatever. Use your imagination and look for available waterproof materials. Plastic wrap of some type would be good. Wrap your box on all sides to keep rain and ground run-off away. Placing your box on top of pallets or any spot above runoff is one way to evade/avoid ground water.

(more to come)

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