Recycling stuff, cast-off goodies and other residue from daily living has become a normal activity for some folks. Other folks do not bother. It is a personal choice. For those who do recycle, especially paper, cardboard, etc. here is some interesting news.


The Pizza Box Recycling Mystery

“…pizza boxes that are tarnished with food, or any paper product that is stained with grease or food, are not recyclable – unless you remove the tainted portions.”

Grease from pizza boxes causes oil to form at the top of the slurry, and paper fibers cannot separate from oils during the pulping process. Essentially, this contaminant causes the entire batch to be ruined. This is the reason that other food related items are non-recyclable (used paper plates, used napkins, used paper towels, etc).

Why this information has not been made widely know to the public baffles me. Is the information accurate? To be on the safe side avoiding tossing paper products with food on or in them into the recycling container is a good idea. Toss those paper-type items into the regular non-recycled trash and do your part to save a tree or something!!!

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