Be aware why you may want or need to live an alternate lifestyle

Hooray for George Carlin. The man was a comical genius. He was also aware of reality; not the lies much of the world’s people are brainwashed with. Lies that allow the few to rule the many.

A minority of people are able to cast off some of their brainwashing; some more and some at lesser amounts. George Carlin was among the minority that have seen through the scam, the lies, the many methods the ruling class and their cohorts and lackeys use to create a HUGE number of servants.

Or would slaves be a better term? Some people are forced to live an alternate lifestyle for various reasons. Poverty is one of the main reasons. Some folks choose to live an alternate lifestyle. Without ample wealth available the alternate lifestyle can be difficult to achieve. Due to the complexity of writing about this topic I limit myself to writing to a USA-based population. Some of my writing can apply in other countries; if it does I leave it to you to make that determination.

More entries to come later.

Until then I encourage you to listen to an intelligent USA citizen who was aware of the realities that USA residents live within but that MANY USA residents do not see or believe since they are incredibly well-indoctrinated citizen-sheep who bleat their delight at living in a country so thoroughly controlled by their beloved masters.

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