More Handy, Nifty, Groovy and Outtasight’ Information

Hi. Check out the following links:

(this link died.sniff)

(this link also died!!!!)

Google or other search engines are your friends if looking for information. Try various search terms. Use Google image search or another search engine’s image search using the same terms and find links that do not appear when using a standard search. The image search shows pictures but almost always those pictures are located on a Web page that includes informative text.

And, always remember, the USA ruling elites and their minions, cohorts and lackeys despise you. Some will even hate you. USA citizens not of the ruling class or one of their servants are expected to always obey and to lead a life the ruling masters want you live.

Your main purpose in life according to those verminous scum ruling us is to create wealth that can be skimmed and sent upwards into the greedy hands of the ruling elite class.


Post updated July 13, 2022

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