Affordable Entertainment

You are poor as it is meant to be since the majority of national wealth is sent upwards into the proper, deserving hands of the ruling masters who control the economy, governments at all levels and have indoctrinated the majority of citizens that as “things” are is correct and as it should be.

You have cut expenses to the minimum. You still need some form of entertainment.

What can you do for entertainment that is affordable?

A difficult question since folks have so many different feelings and beliefs as to what is entertaining.

Readers have an advantage since the library is full of free material that can be read in the air-conditioned or heated or neither (depending upon outside temperature) comfort inside the library.

Or check out a book and read it elsewhere but be a good human and return the book in the same condition when you grabbed it. Thank you.

Thrift stores often have books for sale. Typically used but the prices tend to be low, depending on which thrift store you go to. Look for sale days or mark-downs.

Another entertainment option among the multitude of choices is the following; a comment I left upon the Brand Eating food blog:

For fun and frivolity if you have some time to spare enter a fast-food joint with its ever-growing menu upon the wall behind the counter and stare at it.

Read every single entry then read again.

Ask the order taker for recommendations.

Ask about the most cost-effective item.

Ask if there is a chart showing price-value computations based upon ingredient amounts versus price.

If others arrive to order step back and allow them to proceed then return to the counter and ask more questions.

It is surprising how quickly 15-20 minutes can pass.

When it is 100-degrees outside the cool air inside feels good.

For additional fun ask the order-taker if the food assemblers brush off items thay drop on the floor.

When bored thank the order-taker and declare you have decided to go to a competing fast-food joint (say the firm’s name.”

For extra giggles commence the process of menu staring and questioning by ordering a competitor’s product.

If at a Wendy’s order a Big Mac and act shocked they do not have the item.

When poor and no funds to pay for entertainment harassing the hired help is an affordable method to achieve entertainment Nirvana

End of comment.

If done properly you will also entertain the order-taker. Observe the reactions of the counter help and either lengthen or shorten your routine.

I performed a similar routine at a fast-food joint on a slow sales time and the order-taker was friendly and helpful and enjoyed the time I spent there.

I asked various questions about the fast-food firm and what it was like to work there.

The hired help enjoyed answering my questions and the discussion was very interesting.

Then I saw the event.

A double cheeseburger piled high with toppings.

It was HUGE!!!!

It was tossed into a 5-gallon bucket used just for that purpose.

The bucket looked clean and I mentioned to the order-taker that it was a shame that food was just thrown away with so many hungry folks who would be thrilled to have that burger… as I would be.

The lad agreed with my statement.

Being the impoverished guy I am I asked if the burger was still wrapped to avoid any possible contamination from the bucket and, if so, if I could have it.

“Sure,” the guy said and reached in and grabbed that HUGE still-wrapped burger.

I quietly said “our secret” as I walked outside to devour my wonderful free burger.

Combining entertainment with free food acquisition (grabbing) is like the proverbial icing upon the cake.

There’s a drool-inducing burger. If you like burgers. Some folks do not like burgers or for various reasons will not. It is a personal choice. The burgers you do not eat means more for me and perhaps, one cow spared from being torn into bite-size pieces.

Generally, cooking vittles (food) yourself is the cheapest way to eat.

Some food doesn’t need to be cooked such as eating soup from the can.

Always ensure that you observe proper food safety/health precautions!!!

I have never been made ill by eating condensed soup directly from the can.

If you have ANY doubts either properly cook your vittles or throw it/them away.

You can survive living in a vehicle with no access to cooking facilities.

As stated, some foods do not need to be cooked or you can eat at fast-food joints.

The “value menu” option allows eating at a minimal expense but look closely at the value versus price area and determine of the amount of food received for the price is actually a value.

The burger above seems to be shouting out “EAT ME!!!!”

I prefer my burgers without the pickle but, when eating consumes a large part or all of your income it is best to eat everything you can get piled atop your burger.

I went to taco bell a few days ago and bought two 99-cent edibles; a basic burrito and a soft taco.

While waiting I grabbed goodies from the self-serve area; napkins, packets of the various types of salsa and hot sauce and around 30 sporks.

Sporks are our friends and incredibly useful devices to stash in your cardboard box house or your live-within vehicle or whatever is your abode.


A quality can opener, one built to last, may be a necessity depending upon your circumstances.

Sadly, that days of decent quality merchandise is disappearing as corporations dl all they can to increase profit while product quality deteriorates.

The scum spewing propaganda to excuse corporate behaviors will spew BS such as USA consumers being able to buy more with their dollars than ever before.

And too often We, the People are forced to buy more as the made-overseas JUNK that gives corporations HUGE profits tends to break so quickly and needs replaced.

Welcome to the “new” USA of shoddy goods and shoddy politicians and a shoddy economic system and ever-increasing percentages of the national wealth sent upwards to the highest peak of the pyramid-shaped socio-economic hierarchy.

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