Cutting Clothing Costs

Howdy Folks,

The Disgruntled Old Coot here.

“Hello, Coot. Where yah’ been?”

Yeah, I have been away from this blog for a bit but I have been raging and mumbling and hurling condemnations against all the federal-level scum punk lackeys of the ruling class masters and corporate USA running for office or trying to remain in office.


Yeah, the enemies of We, the People who obey their wealthy and powerful masters who reward them VERY well when the lackey leaves office. And the rewards are legal.

So, how “powerful” is a vote and the voter when a small minority of the USA populace can offer millions of dollars and wonderful benefits and all the other rewards given to lackeys who did not harm the elites while those lackeys are in their political or bureaucratic position.

The status quo that is so harmful to the majority of economically enslaved USA citizens that continuously funnels an ever-upwards flow of wealth and power into the greedy, grasping hands of those who own and operate much of the federal government, its bureaucracies and MANY various institutions that control the society we try to exist within.

Yep, that’s where I’ve been.

I also attempt to convey across the Web to other commoners (basically, 95 percent or more of We, the People) the desirability of a full-scale military coup to fight and destroy the greatest threats to our freedoms and to start anew.

That stuff can be found on my other blogs so I will stop my political and economic ranting.

Oh, I WILL discuss economics here but at a level far far below the levels I reach in my other blogs geared towards exposing the greed and, at times, evil of the USA ruling masters.

For many working-poor class folks a five-dollar bill can be a huge sum!!!

Especially when those few bucks will provide life-giving food for perhaps a week or even longer!!!

Have you noticed the price of condensed canned soup?

Even the el cheapo generic and “no name” soup is expensive.

As typical the can size has been reduced.

The scum, vile, filth politicians and their cohorts will declare that there is no inflation or, maybe, “just a little bit of inflation but those costs are offset in these costs (insert your own product here)”.

Pay the same for a lesser amount of product and that is not factored into inflation statistics.

Just one of MANY methods the politician lackeys LIE to you, me, all of us.

Clothing is another area where prices have risen and rose some more.

Even though clothing is mostly made in foreign countries with low labor costs and that clothing components are of the lowest quality… such as zippers that are not nearly as long-lasting as zippers used to be,the lower costs are rarely or barely passed along.

No!!! That extra profit is kept by the elites.

“But stock holders benefit from the wealth their shares give them,” is one commonly heard piece of propaganda to excuse the skimming of wealth from the masses of common folks.

Yes!!!!  Outsource even more to maximize corporate profit!!! We ALL benefit from the HUGE savings in costs!!! So what if only a very small amount of that cost savings is reflected in the prices we pay. So what if our jobs are disappearing, sent overseas, and that many of the available jobs are low-pay service jobs with few to no benefits such as health insurance… it’s OKAY!!!  All that wealth flooding into our pockets from the stocks we own makes up for it!!!

Oh…everybody I know is in the bottom 50%. Where is our share of the wealth? Costs of living keep rising but wages are not keeping up with the cost of living. And everybody I know pays taxes; plenty of them.

The elites and their lackeys keep spewing about how folks in my socio-economic class do not pay federal income tax. But, almost every product I buy or service I pay for has sales tax; even groceries that are a requirement for life.

My rent covers the property tax. Business passes along the taxes they pay via the cost of goods and services so there are hidden taxes we pay.

What is wrong with this “picture”?

When clothing was made in the USA I believe that quality was general higher than the cheap crap sold to us nowadays.

Imagine the immense amounts of wealth corporate entities earn buying low and selling HIGH!!!

Where is the supposed “price advantage” from overseas industries that does not appear to “trickle down” to us common folks?



The scum are laughing above but… do anything that makes them believe you are a threat to them or the systems they have created to economically enslave you then beware.

The ruling class and their lackeys are NOT beyond using murder to control the common folks they despise.


I am in the political mode again.

I reference the USA because that is where I live and where all of us are immersed in the life-long propaganda/indoctrination/brainwashing the elites use to maintain their lofty positions and stifle any possible threat from the masses of commoners those elites use and abuse to stay at the top of the socio-economic hierarchy.




I started this post to offer advice on how to control the cost of clothing.

It is known to many of us in the lower socio-economic levels that thrift stores can offer great clothing deals.

But with the growing number of folks entering the bottom of the socio-economic hierarchy, falling from the hard-to-define “middle class” levels the spewing scum, disgusting politicians and candidates always refer to with nary a mention of the working-poor folks, the thrift store deals may not be known to those folks.

“Middle class” when used by foul, filth, often enemies of We, the People lackey politicians is ONE example of how the lackeys appeal to voter’s emotions when begging for a vote.




Ponder what has a greater impact on the elite-serving (most but not all) politicians at the federal level.

Is it your letter to them or is it the large amounts of money received from corporations, special-interest groups, the speaking circuit that pays high-level lackeys millions of dollars… with the lackey’s family often included in the legal pay-off?

Families? Yes!!! Search the Web for the special treatment the ruling masters give to the families of their well-behaved lackeys.

We now return to…..

Low-cost clothing.

Try a thrift store.

Some have more and better goods than others and prices vary.

The thrift store I usually go to has a constant inflow of goods and the prices are fair to great.

I am old enough to get the 25 percent Old Coot discount.

I also look for price mark-downs.

I recently bought several pairs of used but in excellent condition pants at 25 cents each.


I also grab shirts in good condition with the price usually a couple bucks for the best quality apparel.

Shoes are harder to find in your size and good condition but with luck….. well, keep your eyes open.

There are other deals in thrift stores; from books to whatever…

Shun the HIGH prices of new clothes.

Buying my clothes at a thrift store allows me to ensure the cupboards have food inside.

Good luck to all of you!!!

I’m back!!!!! I found a link the day after creating this post:

It’s National Thrift Shop Day

A precaution with used furniture and perhaps some other types of used goods is to beware of bed bugs. You do not want those blood-sucking predators in your shanty, hovel, yurt, house, apartment or whatever.

I fear the economy for us despised commoners may decline further but the beloved elites– the deserving ones. and their lackeys will do well with the finest food, clothes and always the finest medical care with the costs paid for by the wealth skimmed from We, the People.


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