Homelessness is People, not just statistics

A federal study shows the homeless rate is down nationwide but Missouri is bucking the trend.”

(dead link removed July 13, 2022)

Two specific areas of concern are the five-percent rise among homeless veterans and homeless victims of domestic violence

Instead of pumping billions of dollars… dollars seized from many USA citizens under the threat of force as done with income taxes… into corporations and people at the top of the socio-economic hierarchy I wonder if the economic “pump” might be better primed by giving $10,000 and a vehicle to every military person leaving the service?

That vehicle could be used to assist in finding and getting to a job or, if the worst occurs, to at least be a place to live until conditions improve.

Why is it that in a country as supposedly wealthy as the USA do some reports declare;

One out of 50—or about 1.5 million—American children are homeless each year, according to a 2009 study by the National Center on Family Homelessness.”

Do all you can to avoid the homeless shelter routine… one of the BIG reasons I have for insisting you obtain a vehicle you can live inside before becoming homeless if your present economic condition worsens too much.

Plan ahead. Use the Web to locate services available to homeless folks before that sad event occurs. Do you have friends who will take you in? Great!!! But what if that friendship or their economic situation deteriorates and that living situation disappears? My life experience has been that “friends” is a term that is interpreted in many ways and is a catch-all term. What I define as a friend has been very different than what most folks I meet interpret the term.
Maybe you are new to an area and have not had time to make friends. Maybe you are akin to me and follow the “lone wolf” path with very few friends. You may be on your own with nobody to seek assistance from if you become homeless. Being totally alone increases the need to plan ahead and be ready for a homeless event!!!

I have learned to minimize my possessions if I ever need to move into my pick-up truck. At the least, do not become too attached to mere things. If you believe homelessness is likely in the near future then sell your possession NOW… it is easier to sell and to obtain a better price if homelessness is not just a few days away.


Several links remove. DEAD!!!  EEEEEEEEK!!!!  July 13, 2022

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