Your Economic Situation Creates Hate in Some Folks

Nevada City to Require Homeless to Have A Permit to Sleep Outside

“…no-camping ordinance, which essentially bans people from being homeless unless they hold a proper permit.”

It just basically means you can’t set up a tent. You can’t live in your vehicle. You can’t live in the woods in Nevada City.”
Notice the “live in your vehicle” in the above quote.

If you were a visitor in a RV (recreational vehicle) paying to park in a spot allowing RV parking and temporary living and you were “playing tourist” by spending money and being one of the “good, normal folks” the local ruling masters and their hired law enforcement lackeys would welcome you with open arms.

Or… looked at in a different way… spend money and enrich the local power structure and their well-off buddies and you are a fine person.

Be poor and unable to increase the local elite’s wealth… even if your poverty and homelessness was beyond your control, even if you are a good, decent, civil and law-abiding person then your mere existence is a CRIME!!!

In other posts I mentioned the need to be stealthy when vehicle living. Make your vehicle and your living within as difficult to detect as you can.

A van is easier to hide your living in it than a typical car along with offering much more room.

If a car is all you have vehicle living has many more problems. A lack of storage and harder to hide what you are doing are two BIG ones.

If your car has a trunk it may be possible to remove the rear seat back and create a flat sleeping platform extending from the trunks’ rear to the rear of the front seats.

Cars differ in how they are built so each situation will likely differ so before buying a car for living in or with the possibility that tough times may lead to living in it in the future ponder possibilities before purchasing.

Always consider safety when making decisions.

If I was using the trunk as an extension of the car’s interior… likely using a lengthy sheet of plywood cut to fit as a base for sleeping upon… I would alter the trunk’s latch allowing it to be easily opened from the inside to allow an escape route in case of fire or something else needing to be escaped from.

Used cars can usually be bought for less money than pick-up trucks or vans but you may get lucky and find an affordable vehicle that allows stealth living and room to ease the limitations involved with living in a vehicle.

The ordinance aims to reduce the crime and trouble supposedly caused by the swelling homeless population.”

From my observations I fear that a large percentage of USA elites and their lackeys, both local, state and national, do not care how many homeless exist.

What is important is minimizing the money devoted to keeping the masses of commoners alive and to keep the maximum amount possible of the national wealth flowing ever-upwards to the greedy scum at the top of the socio-economic hierarchy.

And many USA commoners have been so well-brainwashed that they agree that as things are is how it should be.

Other parts of the USA have attacked the growing number of homeless folks:

Denver targets illegal camping; critics call it a bid to criminalize homelessness

“…make illegal any temporary, unauthorized habitation on public and private property throughout Denver.”

What if you have a friend who allows you to park your vehicle on his property so it can be a bedroom for you. With a growing number of folks having to share a house or apartment there may not be sleeping room for all who live there so the vehicle becomes a bedroom.

That would be illegal in Denver.

When I was living in my Toyota pick-up the folks I shared an apartment with had 3 kids so we wanted to keep life as normal as possible for them so I used the truck as a bedroom. The apartment had covered parking so that helped keep the hot California from making my “bedroom” boiling hot inside.

I was as sneaky as I could be but a couple months after starting that living method the apartment manager found me and ordered me to stop.

Not wanting to risk my friends possibly being kicked out of the apartment I found other places to park and sleep.

I used the apartment for cooking, cleaning up, socializing, kill time, etc. but sleep time required driving to one of my hiding spots.

A light industrial/business area where several small firms occupied one narrow but long building was one of the spots.

The firms closed around 6 PM so when I headed there around 9 PM I parked at the end of the building where those driving down the street a couple hundred feet away could not see the truck.

There was an empty field behind the building so I parked on that empty field. By distancing myself from the building by 50 feet or so I hoped that if a passerby did see me… perhaps a cop or security firm, that they would ignore me.

For whatever reason, I was never bothered there.

No foot traffic and older kids did not hang out there but living in a real home is so MUCH better.

The linked-to Denver Post article above is informative and briefly covers the growing homeless problem across the USA:

“In the past six months, a number of federal district courts around the country have upheld local no-camping ordinances and similar laws in litigation arising out of the Occupy Wall Street movement, according to an executive summary written by Denver city attorneys for the proposed ordinance.

The law would be justified “on the basis of protecting the health, safety and general welfare of the public,” according to the brief.”

There are scummy people everywhere. However, wealth allows trashy, scummy people to be that way with little to no harassment by elites or the elite’s lackeys.

When a trashy, scummy, uncivil pain-in-the-butt person is homeless their negative traits are more obvious.

Homelessness in general is a complex topic. I started this blog hoping to assist folks who have become homeless, are facing that possibility in the future or who are akin to me and want to be ready now while having a dwelling considered normal by the ruling elites and their law enforcement lackeys (not all of the law enforcement folks are jack-booted thugs but it appears that the percentage who are is growing).

I encourage all homeless folks to not be a negative upon society. Do not litter. Do not annoy others by blocking public thoroughfares. If you must sit or lay down in public do it off to the side so you do not impede foot traffic.

Making life in general tougher for homeless folks are the homeless who act negatively in public. Some of that is due to the many mentally ill homeless folks:

Numerous studies have reported that approximately one-third of homeless persons have a serious mental illness, mostly schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

 If overall one-third of homeless persons are seriously mentally ill, that means that there are approximately 250,000 homeless persons with serious mental illnesses in the US.

 “…in Berkeley, California, “on any given night there are 1,000 to 1,200 people sleeping on the streets. Half of them are deinstitutionalized mentally ill people. It’s like a mental ward on the streets.”

The information above and much more can be read at:

250,000 Mentally Ill are Homeless. The number is increasing

Many mentally ill folks are harmless to others but there are a few who can be a physical threat to others, including you. Homelessness can bring you into contact with people who are threats. These threats can also be non-mentally ill criminal types or thrill-seeking punks who crave harming others.

Having a vehicle to live in puts a barrier between you and threats. Not absolute security but that does not exist anywhere unless you are very wealthy or considered worthy of extra protection by the elite-class masters or their cohorts, minions or lackeys.

Folks, do all you can to avoid total homelessness. Sleeping on a sidewalk or in a park must be avoided!!!

Homeless shelters can fill up quickly so can not be relied upon. Even if you find a spot in a shelter who are the people you are surrounded by? Are any of them carriers and spreaders of disease such as tuberculosis? Perhaps the dreaded drug-resistant tuberculosis the ruling masters are allowing to enter the USA via illegal aliens?

Using the nifty Google search engine a multitude of Web sites mentioning homelessness exist with many of those sites concentrating on that subject.

As is typical with any institution operated or greatly influenced by the ruling masters and/or their lackeys information provided by the federal government is questionable.
The regular lies about unemployment figures is one example.

Lackey lying politicians and bureaucrats will brag about a lower unemployment rate for the previous quarter (3 months). What they do not say is how many of those now “employed” could only find a part-time job of 10 hours weekly or those working at a low pay rate that does not allow a “traditional” life-style viewed as normal by those at the higher levels of the socio-economic hierarchy.

Often throughout my decades of adult life within the USA the only job I could find was low-paying with no benefits other than a paycheck.

Trying to save all the money I could was hindered by normal events. A trip to the hospital emergency room led to months of paying off the $460 bill for a few minutes of a doctor basically doing nothing but sending me on my way to suffer until my body healed itself.

Of course, I paid while the large local illegal alien population of Contra Costa County in California used their fake or stolen IDs to evade ever receiving a bill or to use the kids they birthed once upon USA soil thus making the kids USA citizens (anchor babies) and thus eligible for free medical care (my bill included the costs of those receiving free care.

Then the must-have vehicle breaks down. Good luck finding a job in MANY parts of the USA without a vehicle!!! Pay for a repair and… there goes the savings.

The housing costs where many illegals live is higher than it should be… that supply/demand economic law so harmful to those at the lower levels of the socio-economic hierarchy but makes the upper-crust elites, mostly local elites, so much wealth.

The larger the number of people seeking a commodity such as a place to live makes rental costs go up and up relentlessly.

Housing costs vary greatly across the USA for various reasons. A BIG problem I and others have encountered is gathering the needed wealth just to rent a house or apartment.

In some area of California to rent even a crappy apartment in the bad part of town where crime rates are high and many scummy people lived required:

  • Passing a credit check (a non-refundable fee of $50 in 1987)
  • Completing a very lengthy intrusive form about work, past housing, references, etc.
  • Paying up-front 2 month’s rent
  • Security deposit varying from $300 up in 1987 dollars
  • Paying security deposits to various utilities if not included in the rent

Imagine how tough it can be for somebody facing tough times meeting the above demands!!!

How  about the following found at a message board?


I recently found a studio I’d like to rent. But I find the landlord application requires very extensive materials.According to the landlord, each rental application needs to include:

1. 5 reference letters, including 2 from business contacts, 2 from personal/character contacts,and   1 from previous landlord.

2. Letter from CPA verifying income.

3. Letter from employer confirming work and income.

4. First two pages of tax returns of last 2 years and w-2 forms.

5. Monthly bank statements/ monthly brokerage statements.

6. Copy of driver license

7. Copy of Social Security card

8. seven other documents/forms.


Read the thread at : Excessive requirement of rental application  at the Web site… a handy Web site if you are considering moving to a new place. I used it to assist in my decision to move from Nebraska to Missouri. On the whole the positives of residing within the human herd of masses idiocy hereabouts has exceeded the negatives but not by a lot.

When I depart this area if events happen as I hope they do I will us City-Data to select a new area with a new human herd of idiots… hopefully just a bit more educated and not as self-absorbed and with the screw-everyone-else attitude all-too-common with the inbred cretins of this “buckle upon the Bible Belt.”

The message board thread is about ultra-expensive New York City but other costly areas and/or areas with high demands for rent also have impediments to renting that may be insurmountable for some to many folks.

The upper-crust elite-type people will often declare that those in the lower classes only need to uproot themselves and relocate to solve their problems.

That topic requires its own lengthy posting but I mention it here because that ignorant utterance by those much better off financially, and likely socially, than us despised commoner folks can be a difficult and very expensive non-assured remedy for a current life difficulty.

Without adequate wealth an endeavor of that type can be impossible. Toss in any possible physical and/or mental limitations and that “remedy” can be akin to a fatal illness in its ramifications.



So many aspects of homelessness in the USA!!!

I am convinced that at least some of the homelessness is due to an ongoing class war within the USA.

Before my concentration was diverted I mentioned lying politicians and bureaucrats.

The following is from a USA government Web site:

“Long-term or chronic homelessness has continued a pattern of decline in the U.S. since 2006. HUD currently estimates that nearly 111,000 people were chronically homeless on a single night in January 2009, more than a 10 percent drop from 2008 and nearly 30 percent from levels reported in 2006. All of this years decrease in chronic homelessness occurred among the unsheltered street population. Much of the decline since 2006 may be associated with the dramatic expansion of the permanent supportive housing stock, which increased from 177,000 to 219,000 beds during this time period.”

The above statement and more can be read at:

(dead link alert!!! try a Web search if information desired or lusted for)

I do not have the resources the bureaucrats possess. Neither do I have any masters to serve; the masters who control the wealth flow and ensure that their lackeys receive decent to excellent pay and benefits typically FAR better than what those lower down the hierarchy receive.

The elites are an intelligent bunch and one reason they are elites though there is also many non-elites with as much or even more innate intelligence.

The socioeconomic class you grow up within has immense influence on the direction your life takes.

The elites hire intelligent folks to be their lackeys. They know that lies that delude the masses of brainwashed citizens must also contain kernels of truth. The HUD (Housing and Urban Development) federal bureaucracy Web page linked-to above conveys lies mixed in what I consider to be truthful statements.

*****VIDEO ALERT*****

My writing is “off the cuff” and I often jump over to Google for an example or back-up information or anything pertinent regarding whatever I am writing about… various topics often embedded in a post that started of with but one topic.

And now, for your viewing pleasure… a video that does not necessarily represent what is normal thoughts or behaviors of an apparent non-homeless female confronting a homeless person at what may be an Occupy Movement encampment:



Wikipedia has a good overall entry about homelessness:

Homelessness in the United States

This entry grew and grew… more than I intended. So…..

Stay tuned and look for new future entries.

Good luck and may misfortune distance itself from you and yours.


Updated July 13, 2022

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