Homeless Despised by the USA Upper Classes

Homeless Despised by the USA Upper Classes and their lackeys, law enforcement (cops)  being a constant threat to homeless folks.

Do not misunderstand me. Cops are a necessity to have a civil society. Sadly, they can also be a powerful tool of the elite ruling classes at all levels of USA society.

Always be nice to cops (“cops” covers all types and levels of law enforcement, from the FBI down to a “one cop hamlet.”)

Never argue or use foul language. There is nothing to be gained. Never act in an aggressive manner. Be peaceful. It may benefit you and will at least assist in having more criminal charges made against you.

Your merely being homeless can create negative thoughts in other people’s minds.  Why are you homeless? Are you mentally ill? A drug addict? Are you a threat?

Then there are the folks who see those down on their luck and they feel bad that they are doing well. I do not know the percentages of people who feel their good position in society where they lack none of life necessities is what they deserve and those doing without are less “human” or deserving than they are and what percentage of folks see the homeless and feel pity for them and, perhaps, assist local agencies that help the homeless, the hungry, those at the bottom of the socio-economic hierarchy.

I believe that those with negative thoughts about the homeless are mostly fearful that those homeless may pose a physical threat to them. That is understandable. But, people with power, wealth, etc. have influence with an areas’ law makers and law enforcers.

There are homeless folks who are a danger to others!!! Some are mentally ill and some are lacking the morality that prevents a person from harming others. I write the advice in this blog for those good folks down on their luck. Do what you can while homeless to not present a negative image to others. Appearance IS very important!!!!

Try to stay as clean as possible. Being clean-shaven for guys can assist in portraying a non-dangerous presence. Do what you can to wear clean clothes in good repair. Sure, it can be fun to blend in with the peer group of your choice but if that group can give an image to others that can be scary… what is the benefit to you?

Save the out-of-the-norm sub-culture portrayals for better times when you have an income and a place to live and your life is more secure than the homeless state.

Okay now for the event that led me to write this latest entry:

(dead link removed July 13, 2022)

K.J. is a homeless veteran forced to dumpster dive for food where he once relied on the kindness of strangers. And now, even that source of food is in jeopardy, he says.

Be discrete, always. Do not attract attention to yourself. Try to blend in with your surroundings. Try to make your presence to be a natural part of your surroundings.

I will offer more tips on how to avoid unwanted attention from cops in a future entry.

The USA mass media that is owned by wealthy people constantly tries to make life in the USA appear to be better than it is for the HUGE numbers of people that are living on the edge… the edge of economic security that those who own and operate the USA have but do not allow to be spread among the masses of common folks,

Economics is intimately tied into sociology and other parts of life and extremely complex. Naysayers of what I write typically place “blame” for economic woes upon those experiencing that trouble.

Yes, some people’s actions and lack of action is the main or possibly only reason they are homeless or having economic difficulties BUT… there are also good, decent folks experiencing economic turmoil who have not done anything wrongs except, perhaps, not being born to the right family in one of the privileged economic classes.

Whatever your circumstances… good luck!!!!
And it is typically always best to be nice to everybody.
Unless the other person is a threat to you.
And, even then, try to avoid trouble. Avoiding evil is better than confronting it, when possible.

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