Get Ideas From Videos

YouTube is an awesome site with many videos to watch.  All kinds of stuff… serious, comedy, bizarre, informative… everything imaginable except pornography. Well, some of those videos showing politicians spewing their BS and serving their corporate and elite-class masters while spitting upon the HUGE mass of us common folks can be considered pornographic in a way.

Below are a few sample videos of people using their van as a house… a home… an abode, a shanty on wheels.

Maybe we will see an idea implemented in real life to assist us in making a vehicle a decent place to dwell.



Below is a video about homeless folks who do not have a vehicle to live in.  Live in a tent and you are wide-open to harassment by the HUGE number of folks who despise the homeless. And those people despising you have the power of the legal and law enforcement systems to keep you folks at the bottom of the socio-economic hierarchy hidden from view as much as possible.

In the strongly class-based USA society if you are not a financial success you are often considered to be scum. But, when the USA’s ruling elites and greedy corporations and the MANY common folks brainwashed from birth to obey the their ruling masters need to have their foreign-based wealth channels kept open or to keep foreign countries loyal and obedient to the USA’s elites’ interests it is typically the folks from the commoner class who are used to serve the ruling masters!!!

The USA has a lot of people proclaiming their adherence to Christianity but their words so often contradict their proclamations.

If Jesus was to appear today I wonder who he would emulate? A corporate executive making as much in a year as I am unable to earn in a lifetime of performing tasks required for our society to function?

Or would Jesus be a poor person confronting bad luck and living among the homeless with authorities making his life miserable?

Anyway… do all you can to have a vehicle that allows you to live in comfortably.



Each video has similar videos shown on the right side of the screen. There are many videos related to homelessness and alternatives to living in something other than a traditional abode such as vans, etc.

Try various search terms on the YouTube site to find videos of interest. There are many and the ideas, hints, tips, sharing of knowledge, etc. can assist you preparation of possible homelessness.

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