You are Despised


Class warfare has infested all parts of the USA.  A minority of wealthy and powerful greedy vile scum are using their wealth and power to keep a large percentage of the USA population as mere serfs that serve their masters.

The federal government is a useful tool for those enslaving We, the People!!!

I discuss the class war in my Disgruntled Old Coot blog.

This post is a warning to you masses of common folks who are despised by those higher up the socio-economic hierarchy.

You commoners are mere tools to serve the ruling masters and their assistants.

The ongoing attempts to legalize the many millions of invaders, the illegal aliens, will severely economically harm the huge numbers of USA citizen working-poor and unemployed.

I fear that legalization is assured due to the efforts of the ruling class and their politician lackey scum.

Prepare for the future, folks. When the illegal alien invaders are legalized be prepared for an even larger onslaught of mega-millions more invaders.

Toss in the newly-legalized invaders who can now legally bring in their extended families and the HUGE influx of laborers will ensure that only minimal wages will be paid and there will be no need to offer any benefits.

Social services will also be inundated so do not expect any assistance form those sources for various reasons that are too complicated to cover here.

Where is the HUGE influx of folks higher up the socio-economic hierarchy?

That will not happen. The elites will not dilute their wealth and power!!! But they will dilute YOUR very minimal wealth and power since doing so makes the ruling class evermore wealthy and powerful!!!

Class warfare, folks. And We, the People are losing badly.
Prepare for very tough economic times. I recommend being as mobile as possible. Own a vehicle that you can live in and escape the areas where the soon-to-be-legalized invaders live. The competition for work and social services where the illegals congregate will be intense.

My decades of living among the illegals also taught me that if you are not of the same ethnicity of the invaders and their citizen comrades of the same ethnicity you will likely face many hurdles finding work due to prejudice and you may even suffer persecution.

I was shot at for being a White USA citizen… a despised Gringo. And MANY other horrors I experienced along with friends and neighbors. I mention some of those in the other blog. You have been warned, folks. I predict horrors ahead as the ruling masters clamp down ever harder upon USA society’s lower classes.

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