Hello and THANK YOU to all the visitors!!!

Looking at the accumulated statistics WordPress offers its users I was surprised at the many different countries this blogs’ viewers are living within.

I am a life-long USA resident who made two overseas military tours to the Orient back in the mid-1970s.

From Korea to Thailand and points in-between I was among the very large percentage of Navy sailors from the lower levels of the socio-economic hierarchy.

I am well-aware that poverty and homelessness occurs across the planet. I also know that in comparison, on average, USA residents have a generally better life than many other people.

Though poverty, hunger, medical pain, all the bad things make me sad I will leave world-wide concerns and commenting about negatives in other countries to other folks.

I will stick with the general theme of offering advice and sharing information about how to best handle homeless living.

Some of what I write is applicable to folks in countries other than the USA. Differing laws, statutes, social norms and other things vary so you have to determine how to best interact with your immediate environment.

Okay, folks… time for the revelation of where readers live or… were visiting when they were on the Web while inside that country.

Country Views

United States 1,839
Canada 210
United Kingdom 129
Australia 60
Indonesia 32
New Zealand 31
Brazil 29
India 19
Philippines 16
Germany 14
France 13
Serbia 12
Greece 12
Portugal 12
Netherlands 12
Denmark 9
Norway 9
Pakistan 8
Puerto Rico 8
South Africa 7
Japan 7
Russian Federation  7
Ireland 7
Romania 6
Thailand 6
Hong Kong 6
Spain 6
Italy 6
Czech Republic 6
Finland 6
United Arab Emirates 5
Taiwan 5
Switzerland 5
Moldova 4
Malaysia 4
Colombia 4
Argentina 4
Belgium 4
Venezuela 4
Hungary 4
Iraq 4
Mexico 3
Singapore 3
Latvia 3
Lebanon 2
Paraguay 2
Saudi Arabia 2
Iceland 2
Croatia 2
Austria 2
Zimbabwe 2
Chile 2
Slovakia 2
Korea 2
Egypt 2
Sweden 2
Maldives 2
Poland 2
Israel 2
Algeria 1
Kenya 1
Turkey 1
Kuwait 1
Honduras 1
Mongolia 1
Peru 1
Nepal 1
Slovenia 1
Mauritius 1
Ecuador 1
Qatar 1



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