Advice for the Homeless

Perhaps the best advice I can offer for those homeless within the USA?


That advice is written as a colloquialism.  The term can be best describe in this post as… behave yourself. Do not bother others. Keep yourself as clean as possible to appear to be a good member of society.

Do not leave trash spread around… put it in the proper disposal place. Do not be noisy and bother others. Be friendly. Do not come across as menacing.

A smile can be an effective method of appearing to be harmless to others.

Shun noisy people who do not behave in a generally acceptable to others manner.

This blog is written for decent folks of the USA. Sadly, many homeless are mentally ill or have various mental problems that prevent them from being just a typical, average non-threatening person who is typically not noticed by others.

Do not behave or have an appearance that makes others associate you with the hard-core homeless who live outside general, acceptable society.

The USA has ample wealth to enforce our ruling elite’s and monolithic corporation’s will upon everything within the USA and much of the entire world to keep the wealth flowing to the greedy hands at the top of our socio-economic hierarchy.

Profit for the deserving, as determined by our elites and their many cohorts, minions and lackeys is likely the most apt national motto for the USA.

Generally, enough wealth is allowed to reach the masses of common folks to fend off rebellion. However, the greed of the elites and the immense costs to pay off their lackeys and maintain the many institutions, bureaucracies, etc. required to maintain the status quo so valuable to our elites is limiting the wealth available to placate the growing number of working-poor, under-employed and unemployed in the USA.

Thus the continual growth of the homeless and near-homeless population that the elite-owned media mainly ignores.

I roam the Web seeking knowledge and other’s opinions. I detect a growing anger within the USA and a growing acceptance for We, the People, to fight back against those who started class war against us and the many lackeys of those enforcing the elite’s desires.

Sometimes the legal system will stand up for the common folks but I find an increasing number of example where the legal system is part of the HUGE “machine” that enforces the elite’s and corporate desires.

Here is one example of why you need to be stealthy when homeless.

Stay in the background. Never draw attention to yourself. Be a good “neighbor” to those around you. Do everything you can to not be noticed in any way but when interactions with other occur be the nicest person you can and do not convey any threat.

Some folks will view you as a threat no matter how civil and well-behaved you are.

The mere fact of being homeless makes you a threat.

Always remember that the elites and corporate USA who own and operate most of the media within the USA use those systems as a method to indoctrinate the populace.

And that indoctrination has been highly effective.

I imagine the elites and those adoring their elite class masters are regretting the advent of the Web.

Since climbing aboard the Web in 1995 I have seen a growing number of folks being able to cast off the mass media indoctrination and realize what is actually going on in the USA… the few manipulating the many for their own gain.

Folks… I label the possible future reaction against the elite control of the USA… and that includes corporate USA, the political systems basically owned and controlled by those with immense amounts of wealth to buy political control and many other aspects of the USA created to assist the elite control of 300-million-plus common folks as….


I am unable to imagine any other method other than full-scale revolution to wrest control from those who have usurped what the Founders created.

A military coup led by patriotic officers who represent We, the People rather than those who have hired them to support the elites and their institutions that represent GREED excellently.

Spit on the masses as long as they obey their ruling class masters and the master’s lackeys.


Obey or face terrible consequences… from life-altering monetary fines leaving you impoverished. Years or even a lifetime in prison of the elites or their lackeys view you as a real threat to their beloved status quo.

Oh my… again I am getting away from how to survive homelessness to attacking that which is causing good, decent, law-abiding productive folks to live in a vehicle or in even worse circumstances such as depending upon a tent in the bushes or a cardboard box in a dirty alley or, sometimes the worst option, depending upon a homeless shelter.

OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  back to what initiated this post. Do not be a dick.

Here is one reaction to too many homeless behaving like dicks.

Palo Alto passes vehicle dwelling ban

Palo Alto is in California and lays within what is known as Silicon Valley.

There is a lot of wealth in the area but plenty of economic misery, also.

Please follow the link to read the entire article. Part of it is posted below due to the possibility the link may not work in the future due to the article being deleted or moved.


At a meeting punctuated by emotional cries for compassion, the Palo Alto City Council voted late Monday night to pass an ordinance that would make it illegal for people to use their cars as dwellings.

 Diane Jones choked back tears as she told council members that she only recently became homeless and couldn’t afford to put a roof over her son’s head with the monthly $1,200 disability benefit she receives.

 “Me and my son live in a car and we’re not bad people. I’m so afraid what will happen if we lose that,” said Jones.

 “I’m begging you to just please have a heart,” she added to thunderous applause from a packed council chambers.

 The city council, however, said the safety concerns raised by residents in response to a “dramatic increase” in the number of vehicle dwellers at Cubberley Community Center were too much to ignore.

 “What we’re doing tonight is the hardest of balancing acts,” said Council Member Liz Kniss, who helped vet the ordinance as chairwoman of the city council’s Policy and Services Committee.

 “We are attempting to take care of the needs of some of the neediest in our community and at the same time we are trying to take care of the safety of those residents who live in this community … and who have told us they are uncomfortable with the situation that we now find ourselves in.”

 According to a city staff report, the ordinance would be rolled out over a six-month period, focus on connecting offenders with social services and be enforced on a complaint-only basis.

 The estimated 30 to 50 people who live in their cars in Palo Alto could potentially be charged with a misdemeanor and face a maximum penalty of six months in county jail, a $1,000 fine or both. City officials, however, stressed that the legal system would only be used as a last resort.

 “I believe that this is an appropriate action at this moment with the proviso that we will be looking at the next steps and looking at resources and productive ways of addressing this problem,” said Council Member Gail Price.

*****END ARTICLE*****

That city council could have been cruel and come down upon the vehicle dwellers with an iron fist.

It would have been so much better, however, if the homeless had been quiet and clean and sociable and not draw undue attention to themselves.

However, every group has its share of idiots, uncivil, anti-social and mentally ill folks.

People, if you become homeless do all you can to avoid being a dick.

Practice stealth living.

Be as quiet as a mouse.

If the situation allows it how about being the “caretaker” for the area where you park your mobile living unit?

Perhaps pick up trash the lazy, scummy folks toss upon the ground? Be useful!!!!! Be non-threatening!!!!

YOU have to assess your particular situation and circumstances.

It may be best to seek total stealthiness…and public acts such as picking up trash could be counter-productive, a good deed that actually harms you.

Try to be a good neighbor at all times.

Do not hang out with others merely because they are fellow homeless folks. That is an invitation to trouble.

You are known by the company you keep.  An adage used over the centuries and based upon reality.

Do not lower your personal standards because so many of those around you are homeless but do so in a slovenly, anti-social manner.

Seek out other well-behaved decent folks if homeless. Just because you are homeless that does not force you to associate only with other homeless folks!!!

Perhaps you are homeless in a location where you have friends and/or family to hang out with but for whatever reason do not have a place for you to live.

Maybe they can allow you to use the facilities their house or apartment offers such as a shower, a telephone, address to receive mail, cook a meal… whatever. I did that for a few months at a friend’s apartment but due to a lack of space I used my car as a bedroom.

A couple weeks into that arrangement and the apartment manager caught me asleep in the parking lot and was ordered to stop doing that. I could still park and visit but sleeping there in the car was out. So I had to find inconspicuous areas to park and sleep and I did so successfully, using light industrial areas where the firms closed in the evening and I could arrive around 9 to 10 pm for a nights sleep.

There are so many possible circumstances I can not cover them all in this blog. You have to improvise as your circumstances dictate.

That’s enough for now.

Be prepared.

The class war is growing and U believe the elites and their lackeys are growing more fearful of We, the People.

If I have noticed increased anger among the general USA people I know the elites with their vast resources and lackeys to use those resources have also noticed the growing anger.

I am also observing evidence of growing anger and concern within the military.

That must be especially worrisome to the elites since it is a full-scale military coup I believe the Founders would cry out for if they returned today and saw what greedy scum had done to their creation.

All the best to all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Good luck.

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