Homeless Dangers

There are so many dangers facing homeless folks.  Other people are likely the greatest danger.  But the dangers range from minute single-cell bacteria that would be so happy to feast upon your body.

When bacteria eat you they are akin to all other living creatures… input.. digest… use the energy in the digested material… then do the doo doo and/or pee thing.

Yeah. Take a dump.

Science, doctors and others decided to use the term “toxin” for bacteria turds or pee or whatever they discard from their little single cell body.

I am definitely not a doctor. Sure wish I was. That is a profession a person could be involved in and take proud in assisting your fellow humans AND making a decent wage and ample benefits and not be faced with the constant hurdles confronting the masses of Americans who are being decimated by the ongoing class war.

Okay, cleanliness is always important but especially so for the homeless.  If you do not know the precautions to take already regarding cleanliness, avoiding food contaminated by bacteria and other dangers from the environment search the Web.

And do it NOW!!!!!

If you are forced to be homeless in an area where rats are a problem be very careful. Their bite can transmit so many types of bacteria and it was the fleas living upon rats and mice that was responsible for the society-altering Black Plague  also known as the dreaded Black Death that killed millions in Asia and Europe a few centuries ago.

There are areas inside the USA where rodents feed fleas that can convey the Black Death to YOU!!!  California, the southwest and the great plains area have critters carrying DEATH!!!


Urban rats and other rodents are unlikely to be carrying the plague but who knows what the future holds.

Anyway… avoid rat bites and also avoid rat turds and pee since those can also spread disease!!! Heck, avoid EVERY type of excreted material by ANY critter!!!!

And wash your hands!!!  It is likely a good idea if you have the ability to have it with you is have that hand sanitizer stuff.

The ability to have the items that improves your quality of life is one of several reasons to avoid abject homelessness. Having a vehicle to hold your stuff and give you a place to sleep is superior to many other alternative places to sleep.

A recent news story may be a blessing for those forced to be homeless in a rat-infested area.

Feral Savannah cat spotted in Detroit

I left a comment at the linked-to story and it is repeated below:

The critter may be big and tough enough to take on the new, improved urban rats that have grown in size and viciousness.

In the not-too-distant future as the ongoing class war continues to send ever-more wealth up the socio-economic hierarchy and a growing number of USA denizens are shoved face-down into an economic quagmire and forced to live in decayed urban areas I fear that packs of the “super” rats will roam the streets and alleys and even invade homes at night seeking humans for meals.

When 2 dozen HUGE rats jump upon you and commence slashing with their razor-sharp fangs the pain will be horrible but, luckily, brief, since the massive blood loss will quickly send the victim into that long eternal sleep where pain will no longer be the all-consuming finality of life.

Maybe nature or some power beyond my comprehension has sent these BIG cats to protect us from the ravages facing us.

What we need know is something to protect We, the People from the ravages of the greedy elites.

There are so many hazards in every day life that many books would only cover small portion. Luckily, most are rare but they are there!!!

Use common sense AND knowledge to protect yourself.

Take advantage of the Web to add to your knowledge base regarding personal safety.

You do not have to be homeless to have that knowledge assist you but if you DO ever confront homelessness that knowledge will be very to handy to possess.



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