Little and not-so little bundles of joy

Hello, welcome back or welcome if this is your first visit.

I hope all is well with you and yours but if all isn’t well I hope things get better.

Hang in there, “For this, too, shall surely pass.”

Well, as long as it’s not a doctor telling you that “it IS a tumor” growing in your brain and your lifetime is coming to an end.

On that bright note I want to clarify the mind-set behind this blog.

1.  I believe the USA is in a state of class war

2.  I know the common folks of the USA are losing that war

3.  I believe in preparing now for possible future homelessness

4.  I highly advise owning a vehicle that you can live in

5.  Also advised is owning a vehicle that eases the in-vehicle living

6.  I am aware that the possible scenarios for you folks are incredibly varied so I must offer advise in broad generalities

7.  I have lived in a vehicle myself

8.  I lived solo. Nobody else to contend with

9.  I insist that YOU understand that the advice, opinions and other stuff in this blog is personal opinion and that YOU have to THINK… understand the situation YOU face and to do what is legal and best for YOU.  I can not think for you. That is YOUR duty

10. The audience I write to are what I consider to be decent, moral folks. NOT a bunch of lazy bums seeking undeserved hand-outs. Decent folks, the type you would be glad to have move into the house next door to you.  Classy folks.

I have not followed the typical life path of so many Americans (when I use “Americans” I refer to USA residents).  No marriage, but I tried the live-together stuff a few times and I ensured I did not spawn. My economic situation throughout life as a blue-collar working-poor guy doing vital jobs required for the USA to function on a day-to-day basis was not concerned to be of much value by our economic system.

Without a stable, steady income bringing in enough wealth to cover the costs of kids I decided to avoid having any. My life, my decision.

Not having to take care of kids sure made life easier for me.

If YOU have kids… your homeless situation may be much more difficult or MAY be easier!!! Various social services and private agencies (non-governmental) should make a greater effort to assist homeless folks with kids.

Here is the news story that led to the writing of this blog entry:

One of every 50 American children experiences homelessness, according to a new report that says most states have inadequate plans to address the worsening and often-overlooked problem.

The information is from 2009.  With the growing number of part-time and low-paying jobs I expect those number to have increased.

The cost of living keeps rising yet for those at the bottom of the socio-economic hierarchy wages are stagnant or falling.

If you are homeless and have kids seek assistance from local agencies.

If local government is no help try private organizations. Maybe a local church can assist you.

If all else fails perhaps contacting local media outlets MAY be helpful. Take care, though. What if local government authorities discover your kids are living in a vehicle or a tent and THEN step in to assist… by grabbing your kids and placing them with strangers in a foster home where sometimes the kids are abused or harmed in some way.

As always, it is up to YOU to decide what is best for YOU. Circumstances differ greatly across the USA. laws vary, local customs vary… even variables vary. Think about that for awhile.

Plan ahead, folks. Own a cargo van or other vehicle that eases vehicle living.  Look at other posts in this blog for vehicle-living advice AND check out the links to other informative sites and do some Web searching on your own.

Here is one of MANY sites that may assist you in preparing for homelessness and you have kids to care for.

Remember, this IS the USA!!!  We’re NUMBER ONE!!!!!!  It is the American Way to have an economic system created to allow a small number of elite-class parasites to skim immense amounts of wealth created by the masses of common folks and send it ever-upwards to the upper levels of the pyramid-shaped socio-economic hierarchy.

Oh, sorry. I tend to become angry when I think about the ENORMOUS amount of propaganda the elites and their cohorts, minion and lackeys throw at us our entire life to brainwash us into believing that as things are is correct and proper.

Love it or leave it!!!!!!


The National Center on Family Homelessness

Every year, hundreds of thousands of American families become homeless, including more than 1.6 million children. These children are hidden from our view, but they are living in shelters, cars, and campgrounds. They are young and scared, and their parents and families are frustrated and desperate.

Family homelessness is caused by the combined effects of lack of affordable housing, extreme poverty, decreasing government supports, changing demographics of the family, the challenges of raising children alone, domestic violence, and fractured social supports. As the gap between housing costs and income continues to widen and housing foreclosures increase, more and more families are at risk of homelessness. For extremely poor families and those with vulnerabilities or little safety net, even a seemingly minor event can trigger a catastrophic outcome and catapult a family onto the streets.

After years of research and program development, we know how to help homeless children and families. Many states and local communities have detailed plans in place. We are poised at an historic moment for decisive action to end family homelessness in America. Please join us in making this a reality.

There information and links to other sites at the above linked-to site. There ar other helpful sites so start seeking knowledge.

As the class war continues and economic times become ever-tougher for us common folks do not take today’s economic security, IF you have it, for granted.

The extreme greed of those who own and operate the USA may send YOU into the growing ranks of homeless folks.

Good luck.




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