Knowledge is necessary to cope with homelessness

As stated in other posts much of this blog is geared towards preparing folks for future homelessness.

I highly recommend buying and owning a vehicle that you can live in if the worst happens.

Earlier posts and future ones give advice about preparing a vehicle for living within.

Once you have a vehicle that you can live in the next step is to determine where to live.

Each of you will have your own circumstances so my advice must be broad-reaching leaving it up to YOU to make the decisions best for YOU!!!

Do NOT rely upon my advice to replace your own judgment and YOUR knowledge of the circumstances you are immersed within.

I general… winters can be rough putting up with when in a vehicle. I prefer cargo vans for vehicle living so I will use “van” when referring to living in any vehicle.



I recommend living in an area where the winter cold is not a danger to life. Thus, the further south you are the better, mostly.

The west coast along the Pacific Ocean has a gentler climate compared to the inland areas away from the ocean.

Here are some nifty images to give an idea of the areas that may be mos comfortable for van living.

satloopThe above is based on centigrade instead of the commonly used Fahrenheit scale used in the USA.  The image is still handy to show where the extremes of hot and cold occur.

Another factor is humidity. When it is both hot and humid I am miserable. A lack of humidity makes heat more bearable to me.

I prefer to avoid the extremes of both hot and cold so the Pacific coast from northern California north is where I would prefer to live in a vehicle… if environmental factors were the only consideration.

Here are some more pics that may useful to you:


Average winter temperatures. Not considered is wind chill. When it is cold and that blowing wind hits it can be brutal. With a van at least you are out of the wind but you have to contend with the cold when venturing outside.


I mentioned humidity. A 100 degrees with no humidity as is typical for desert areas is, to me, less excruciating as 90 degrees with high humidity.

With humidity common you also have to be careful that mold does not grow inside your van.

Bugs also tend to me more common in humid areas.cargovaninterior

I could convert that van into a mighty-fine place to live.  Sure, a real house with lots of room is so MUCH nicer but times are tough and the van shown may be a life-saver when the other choice for living is in a homeless shelter or a tent in a wooded area that is far less secure than having a van.

Prepare for the future, folks.

Plan ahead.

The ruling elites are constantly planning for the future and they hire millions of people to assist them in raping the masses of We, the People of as much wealth as possible.

It is class war, folks, and we are losing.

Here is a couple sources with a LOT of links to data, information and other stuff that may be useful to you in determining where to live:

Top 100 City Lists

Lists based upon many different criteria

Good luck, folks.  The greedy, scum at the top of the pile have vast resources to use against you and me. We are so powerless and so much of our lot in life is based upon luck.

I fear that hard work makes wealth for others. Work smart to make wealth for yourself but even if things are going good today there is so little security for the vast majority of common folks within the USA.

Prepare now for the worst.

Save some bucks for a rainy day and have a vehicle ready to live in with needed.

If you have enough accumulated wealth perhaps an RV may work best for you. However, you will likely need to pay rent somewhere to park it and you may need another vehicle for commuting, grocery shopping, etc.

I am limiting this blog to mostly van living, a vehicle you can live in yet still use it for getting around town in and, hopefully, be able to park it and live in it at no cost.

More to come!!!!

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!



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  1. Like the content but the spelling and grammar errors are distracting and take away from the credibility. Still supportive though.

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