You are to blame…

If you are not an economic success only YOU are at fault.  So says so many of the Americans who have amassed immense wealth.

And the relentless propaganda we are smothered with conveys that message.

Maybe it IS your fault you have become homeless or on the edge of economic calamity that leads to not having the money to pay for a dwelling, whatever it may be.

Some places you can afford to live are terrible places to dwell due to crime, no jobs available, gang activity… those things that if they were to appear where the special, privileged folks lived, where the wealthy folks rein supreme, law enforcement and the legal system would ensure that blight upon civil society was removed.

Do not expect that same action for you commoners who exist to serve the ruling class.

Hey!!! That is the American Way!!!  Use people for your personal gain.  And allow just enough wealth to reach the commoners… that is you and everybody you know… me too, to fend off insurrection.

If the threat of civil and social turmoil did not exist I believe there would be no welfare or food stamps or other methods to allow a minimal amount of wealth to not reach the greedy grasping claws of the elites.  No need to share!!!  Not if the masses would remain complacent serfs of their masters.

This blog entry is intended to improve your morale, to give you a mental boost, to let you know that your inability to acquire wealth and the security that wealth provides may not be your fault in any way.

Luck has a lot to do with your economic success.  So does the socio-economic class you were born into.

The elites and their cohorts constantly inform We, the People of the few “rags to riches” success stories while they ignore the reality for so many of us.

The concept of “Rags to riches” has been criticized by social reformers and revolutionaries, who argue that only a handful of exceptionally capable and lucky persons are actually able to travel the “rags to riches” road, and that the great publicity given to such cases is an illusion designed to help keep the masses of the working class and the poor in line, and prevent them from agitating for an overall collective change in the direction of social equality.


I do encourage everybody to keep trying,  Do what you can to improve your lot in society.  Do your best and never quit the effort to acquire the wealth needed to not only merely survive but to earn enough to amass some wealth to increase your security.

The smart person will live comfortably but ensure they save enough wealth to ease one’s life when the income stream lessens or stops.  Retirement is one thing to save for.  Many of us will receive a pittance from Social Security.  And the periods of unemployment too many of us endure requires some saved wealth to keep us alive until another job is found.

Sadly, the ongoing class war within the USA has led to a growing number of working-poor and under-employed people.  You can work a full-time job but the pay is so low that you may not be able to afford a decent place to live.  Even the crappy places to live may be unfordable!!!

It is possible that even with an income the only place you can afford to live will be your vehicle.  Especially if you are without children.  Homeless folks with children typically receive the most attention from local charities and various systems designed to assist the homeless.

That is logical since those youngsters need more tending to than a single adult.  And the elites know that if too many kids started appearing in public places homeless and with cries of hunger to arouse the populace that insurrection or revolution could be ignited.

The ruling elites and their typically well-paid cohorts, minions and lackeys do what is necessary to fend off what I believe is a necessity within the USA… insurrection to end the ongoing class war. I cover those topics in other blogs that have links present on this blog.


Here I am trying to boost your morale, assist in your keeping or attaining self-confidence to assist you in your rough, tough times of facing imminent homelessness or actually homeless.

Maybe you are reading this at home or on a laptop computer with Wi-Fi access or maybe at a public library.  If currently homeless I hope you have a vehicle to sleep/live within instead of the dreaded abject homelessness of depending upon a shelter that may or may not have room for you.  Maybe you have to find a deserted house or garage or anyplace to keeps the wind and rain/snow off you.

To help rebuff the bullshit spewed by some elites look at the graph/chart above.

The share of the national wealth to the elites is increasing while your share decreases.  Making things worse is the ever-increasing costs for the basics… food, shelter, clothing, medical and dental care, etc.

Have you ever felt that you were a loser?  Despite trying so hard to be a good employee, to do your job the best you can, to get ahead in your job and improve your societal position have your efforts been for nothing?

If your efforts have been akin to mine over the decades you made wealth for your employers but the small portion of the wealth they handed to you only allowed day-to-day living with no excess to allow wealth accumulation.

Sure, you probably stashed a few bucks away in a bank but since no health insurance was offered and even if it was it was non-affordable since you did not receive enough pay to buy it.  An illness strikes and despite your attempt to cure naturally the pain and inability to work forces you to seek medical care.

Circumstances vary greatly across the USA.  In the San Francisco Bay area there was a county hospital where the uninsured could go and receive medical care.  Sadly, the many illegal aliens in that area used their fake and/or stolen identification to receive free medical care.  The bills for payment never reached them.  That cost was transferred to those who did pay their bill, citizens such as I.

I was grateful for the access.  And we were allowed to make monthly payments until the debt was paid.  Surprisingly, in a country where profit is the prophet of so many folks, no interest was charged during the payment period!!!  If interest was charged a BIG bill could take a lifetime to pay!!!

For a few brief minutes with a doctor unable to determine what was wrong with me internally the charge was $485 in 1988 dollars.

Using the Measuring Worth calculator this information about that payment reveals:

In 2012, the relative value of $485.00 from 1988 ranges from $821.00 to $1,500.00.

A simple Purchasing Power Calculator would say the relative value is $941.00. This answer is obtained by multiplying $485 by the percentage increase in the CPI from 1988 to 2012.


Follow the link to learn about some of the intricacies of trying to factor in inflation and other changes over time that make it difficult to compare costs, wages, etc. over the years.

That $485 I paid was a lot of money for me back in 1988 while that would be spare change to a wealthy person who might be earning that much in interest on savings every second or less.

If I did not have to help cover the costs of caring for illegal aliens I knew the fee would have been less, perhaps much less.

And those illegals also keep wages down or even make them fall while their presence in California, many millions of them, drove up the cost of housing due to the increased demand for housing.

And the elites and their buddies allow those illegal to enter and remain.  The efforts to stop them invading the USA or remove them after entering is a scam.  A few are removed but no real effort is made to stop the invasion so harmful to the many citizens in the lower ranks of society.

If the elites or their cohorts were economically harmed those invaders would be stopped at the border and any inside would be hunted down and removed.

But… because it is only the common folks harmed… well, yet another amnesty for an estimated 11-million illegal invaders is being pushed for by the enemies of the common folks, We, the People.  Just another, one of many, aspect of an ongoing class war.


What I am writing sure sounds like a HUGE negative but… consider the massive forces arrayed against you.  Are you a failure for not being able to overcome the massively powerful and immensely wealthy forces fighting a class war against you and likely everybody you know?


You are not a failure as long as you did your best to work for your income.  Did you obey the law?  Were you contributing to society in a positive way?  If so, be proud!!!  All we can do is the best we can.  It is not your fault that the old truisms such as “America needs its ditch diggers too” has become mere propaganda used to convince the masses that as life is in the USA for the masses of common folks is correct and proper and things are as they should be.

Good luck to all of you.  Do your best.  Prepare yourself for the possibility of future homelessness.  Read earlier posts and I will add new advice as time marches on.  I need to do this now since I fear that if conditions continue for me as they are now in four to five years I will be living in a vehicle when I am forced to sell the shanty.

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