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7 Things No One Tells You About Being Homeless

Here are the sub-headings.  The article is written in reverse order starting with reason 7 then working to number 1:

#7. It Doesn’t Take Much to Wind Up Homeless

#6. Having a Job Won’t Save You

#5. Government Benefits Aren’t as Much Help as You Think

#4. Shelters Are a Band-Aid

#3. Your Free Time Becomes Your Enemy

#2. Your Biggest Asset Is Your Charm

#1. Most Homeless Are Young, and They’re Only Homeless for a Couple of Months

Situations and circumstances vary greatly.  You may have friends and/or family who will gladly open their doors to you so you are not really homeless.  But you may be akin to me… I am on my own.  If I lose my shanty the truck will be my home.  I hope to replace it with a long-whee-base cargo van since that will make a much better home on wheels than the truck with its camper shell.

Prepare ahead of time, folks.  Try to have some money stashed away to assist with keeping your stomach and gas tank full.

Have a reliable vehicle you can live in.  Have suitable clothing and bedding to fend off the cold.  Toiletries and something to carry them in for visiting places where you can clean up.  A small back-pack book-bah thing college kids often carry can work well.

Be prepared, folks.  Do what needs doing before homelessness hits!!!  Being ready for that can also assist if other negatives strike.  What if a natural disaster requires evacuation?  What if social turmoil strikes?  Will the masses of common folks ever rise up and wage class warfare back at the elites and their lackeys who have waged class war against the masses of common folks for so long?

Maybe the unholy alliance between BIG government and BIG business will lead to insurrection.  Maybe you will assist the cause you believe to be worthy of assisting or decide to shun the trouble and evacuate to a place that offers safety.  Having a reliable vehicle and the goods to assist comfortable survival is a good thing to have.

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