Bless you, Chris Noel

Chris Noel. Have you ever heard of her? If you are old enough you may recall her efforts to assist others; something she continues to do today.

Part of a well-written biography appears below. Please follow the link to read all of it:

Chris Noel   Biography

A tour of a VA hospital in 1965 altered her destiny, forever. Based on her minor pin-up celebrity, Chris impulsively auditioned for the Armed Forces Network (AFN) and started hosting her own radio show for the GIs in Vietnam, frequently flying to that war-torn country and visiting remote areas considered too risky for Bob Hope’s USO shows. She became the GIs’ favorite sexy radio and show personality while putting her own life on the line. As it turned out, Vietnam veterans would become her prime mission and life’s work long after the war. In the 1970s, Chris began to suffer from postwar trauma. Any attempt to resurrect her Hollywood career in the 1970s and 1980s would be short-lived due to her stress, ill health and depression. Moreover, her first husband, a Green Beret captain (they married in Vietnam) suffering from the same postwar syndrome as Chris, killed himself during the Christmas holiday season of 1969. Chris’ two subsequent marriages also ended in divorce. Persevering, she ventured into the operation of shelters for veterans in Florida during the 1990s, becoming a durable symbol for those who fought the unpopular fight. Chris Noel–a remarkable, courageous lady who could have just rested on her laurels as another beautiful Hollywood face, but didn’t. She deserves to be remembered better than she is.

While that Mitt Romney BOY was begging for money to assist his lust for power and fame by trying to become the head lackey figurehead of corporate USA and his fellow greedy elites Chris Noel was assisting homeless military veterans.

When that Mitt Romney thing was amassing wealth by spitting upon the common folks Chris Noel was seeking funding to assist veterans.

What was Mitt Romney doing when Chris Noel was doing what led to this part of the bio at the IMDB page linked-to above?

Twice her helicopter was shot down in Vietnam while singing and entertaining troops. She was considered so popular and influential, in fact, that the Viet Cong placed a $10,000 bounty on her head.

Well, Mitt boy supported the Vietnam war!!!  As was his right to do.


Romney draft evader.

Mitt, you were in college and after graduation you could have proven your approval of the USA being in Vietnam by entering the military as an officer and lead the troops into battle. As a plus, Mitt boy, the class-based USA gives preferential treatment to its officers; for reasons good and bad but at the expense of the masses of common folks filling the enlisted ranks.

Enlisted troops spent a year in-country in combat or combat-related positions. The Marines had their enlisted folks in the field for 13 months. There may have been exceptions but my information appears to cover the typical enlisted troops inside Vietnam.

However, my studies indicate it was common for officers to be rotated out of the field after 6-months in the field. The officers would then spend the next 6-months of their Vietnam tour in the relatively-or-better safer rear areas.

But, Mitt boy… you did not really support that war, did you? You did not evade the draft and never voluntarily enlist in the military, did you, little fellow. You avoided the military draft by doing some religious work, right?

Oh little Mitt… so typical of the those within the elite ruling class. ProtestingYoungromney


Hi Mitt… while common folks were holding a weapon while trying to stay alive in a foreign land you were being groomed to take your proper place in the USA class-based system. Then, years later, you wanted to be the leader of the entire country by attaining the presidency? Piss on you Mitt, as you have done to so many common folks in the USA.

I have used that Mitt boy as a counter to what should have been an entire post about a real American, a real person, one of the common folks doing their best within a series of systems created and operated to keep the masses in the position the ruling master class and their army of lackeys desire.

Back to the wonderful classy humanitarian Chris Noel………

Chris Noel did not have to be in Vietnam. She went by her own desire to make life a little bit better for the Americans fighting that war either by choice or forced to via the draft. For whatever reason the troops were there they were doing what they considered to be their duty to the USA and their fellow Americans. I caught the tail end of that war and experienced just enough to realize the horrors that those rough, tough SOBs went through wading through the rice paddies, climbing forest-covered mountains and the heat and wet and bugs and smells and constant danger to limb and life.

Chris Noel, you tried to make those Americans feel a little better while a child of wealth and privilege supposedly strolled the beaches of France.  A Web search should reveal the facts about the boy Mitt if you are curious about one of the many USA elites who spit upon We, the People.


Now for a peek at what the courageous Lady Chris Noel has been doing these past few years.



Vetsville Cease Fire House


I’m Chris Noel. In Hollywood, I did films with Elvis and Steve McQueen. In Vietnam, I performed live, and my radio show was broadcast to our troops, both in Vietnam and worldwide.

Then, in 1993, I founded Vetsville Cease Fire House, a non-profit charity based in Florida that is dedicated to providing food, shelter and care for indigent military veterans.

Vets make great employees. They’re dependable team players who work with pride, but finding full-time employment is often extremely difficult. And that’s where Vetsville Cease Fire House comes in. Among the great organizations sponsoring us are the Nam Kinghts MC, a group of police officers and Vietnam veterans.

We’re also sponsored by groups like Rolling Thunder, Paul Revere and the Raiders, “Good Morning Vietnam’s” Adrian Cronauer, and various community organizations. We also hold popular yearly fund-raisers such as Veterans Day celebrations and Rock ‘n’ Roll Sunday!

Our mission is to provide homeless American military veterans –regardless of race, creed, color, sex or age — with food, shelter, and a secure environment as we aid them in returning to society. That’s our goal — and Vetsville Cease Fire House is making it happen … with the help of your generous contribution!

Bless you, Chris Noel. Your generous, good-hearted efforts are much appreciated.  There has been minimal mass media attention about the plight of veterans within the USA confronting homelessness and how the recession has hit the veteran cohort so hard.

The military folks re-entering civilian society vary greatly. Some of them have family and/or friend support and some enter the work force and attain and maintain a level of financial security but… so many of those veterans, despite their best efforts, confront the obstacles a growing number of common folks of the USA are facing.

Chris Noel, you me and many others are trying to do what we can to assist that group of folks confronting economic woes who served their country in uniform then return to discover that the lauded “American Dream” has been a farce, a facade used by those profiting from the many reasons why a growing number of common folks are suffering economically with even having a roof over ones’ head becoming difficult or impossible to obtain.

When I left the military in 1977, flying back from southeast Asia, I faced an unemployment rate nearing Great Depression levels in the part of California I had contacts residing. Adults were standing in lengthy lines trying to obtain the one part-time minimum wage opening. And, I had my nearly-homeless period where I slept in my car and my job paid just enough to chip in on an apartment where I could cook and shower but there wasn’t enough room there for me to sleep… so the car was my bedroom.

In this blog I discuss ways to make the best of a homeless or near-homeless situation. I was lucky to have that car since being totally homeless is a horrible thing to experience.

While that Mitt elite-class boy has been living a mighty-fine lifestyle a HUGE number of common folks have had to make do the best they can. And you and others try to help those folks, many who are eager and willing to grab whatever job they can get… the jobs that Mitt boy and those of his ilk sent overseas to maximize the income of USA elites.

You are an anti-Mitt dear, sweet Lady!!!

Here is Chris Noels FaceBook page:


Vetsville Cease Fire House

Folks, if any of you have some wealth to spare please consider assisting the efforts of a true patriot, a humanitarian doing a much-needed task.  Chris Noel did not loot the pockets of the common folks to amass wealth as some vile, vermin do… guess the name of one of those societal parasites (hint: a boy who avoided the military while wanting the Vietnam war to exist).

From her Web site:


The mission of Vetsville Cease Fire House, Inc., a 501(c)(3) designated charity is to help disabled and homeless American Veterans by providing supportive residential lodging, food, clothing and access to medical treatment and employment opportunities regardless of race, color creed, sex, or age.

I searched the Web for any evidence of donations being wasted or spent in a manner the donor would not approve of.  There was not a single negative associated with the Vettsville charity and nothing but good written about Chris Noel and her efforts.

I encourage all who read this blog entry to assist in spreading the word to as many folks as possible. If you can assist with a donation please do so via the linked to sites where the information is waiting to guide your humanitarian efforts.

For my closing of this blog post I extend a heartfelt  THANK YOU!!! to Chris Noel for all she has done in the past and her continuing efforts to assist others.

What a sweet, precious Lady you are, my dear Chris Noel. Thank you!!!





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