Danger Everywhere

Bad luck can strike anybody. Even the USA president with a bevy of well-trained well-armed personnel can be attacked as history shows.

Even wealthy folks living in their electronically protected mansions in the nicest parts of town are in danger though the poor folks in the bad parts of town are in more danger.


There is no safety anywhere if bad luck comes your way. Prudent people do take reasonable precautions. A lot of potential dangers can be avoided by avoiding those prone to anti-social acts. Avoid those who use any drug to excess, especially alcohol. Alcohol, the toxin, the poison that has caused more personal and social harm than any other drug. Even heroin lags behind the harm alcohol has and continues to cause all of us.

Some drugs are to be shunned totally. That includes the people who use those drugs. Methamphetamine often referred to as meth or crank or other slang terms is a horror and that foul crap attract scummy fiendish freaks. Stay far away from the idiots shoving poison into their bodies. That crap is for losers and just because you are homeless or near-homeless does not mean YOU are a loser. NOPE!!  No way.  You are a high-class person who just happens to be in a state many good, decent folks throughout history have found themselves.

Danger is unavoidable when your luck turns bad. Try to improve your luck, though, by acting and behaving in a manner that can fend off the bad luck other people can bring your way. My thoughts about this topic are difficult to share. Perhaps an example will assist me in helping you to understand part of my advice about attaining a little extra safety that applies to the homeless and those living outside the norm.

I had an advantage when that car pulled alongside me that dark night as I walked through the deserted neighborhood. That advantage was being a male with a physical build created by years of physical training and hard labor in the blue-collar arena. I sensed the danger as the four scruffy males stared at me and I stood there, hand upon the legal Buck knife in the sheath upon my belt.

I sensed the presence of what I labeled “cranksters,” the scummy foul worthless trash infesting Contra Costa County in California. Here in the midwest the term is “meth head” or something similar. Foul, loathsome vermin that I believe a decent society should offer one chance to leave that drug permanently or be banished for life to a remote island.

We stared and transmitted as much danger as possible by mannerisms and body language. After a minute or so the putrid sub-humans must have realized they were confronting somebody ready to fight to the death if required so off they sped likely seeking easier prey.

Okay, folks. First, be careful where you place yourselves. I believe a weaker person, in mind and body, could have easily been attacked that night if they were in my position. It is best to avoid being in a place where you can be attacked by the scum of the Earth.

Use common sense and street smarts to seek out safe places to be. It is not always possible, especially for the multitude of folks in the USA with minimal to no wealth. Money can buy a lot in the USA and security increases with the wealth you have.

Let’s see if a list will assist my efforts in sharing this complicated security/safety stuff.


  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Avoid scummy people
  • If confronted by evil try to respond in the most appropriate manner
  • Avoid the places where trouble makers congregate
  • Use body language to your advantage. Convey an image of physical and mental strength. Be self-confident.
  • Females do need to take extra care for what I consider to be obvious reasons.
  • Consider carrying a legal weapon; even if not needed a sturdy cane is a good weapon against people, dogs, etc.
  • If you must defend yourself attack with all the fury you can muster.
  • Avoid trouble but if danger is forced upon you… go for the eyes and throat and other vital places. Become a furious fiend.
  • Do not misinterpret how others are interacting with you. Maybe you are sensing a danger that is not present.
  • If you sense danger leave that place NOW.
  • If danger threatens attract attention. SHOUT YELL SCREAM and if defending yourself from attack make vicious animal noises.
  • Sometimes “psychological warfare” is present when confronting evil.
  • Sometimes a bluff can send evildoers away but be prepared to back up your bluff with action.
  • Always try the peaceful approach, if possible.
  • Words can be weapons. Consider this response to an evil person bothering you “You are not worth going back to prison for” then walk away.


Trouble can come from anywhere at anytime. Consider this sad story of an event happening in March, 2014:


An off-duty firefighter was stabbed and is facing criminal charges with another firefighter after attacking a homeless man sleeping on a memorial for fallen firefighters in Seattle’s Pioneer Square, fire and police said.

The attack happened on Saturday when the two off-duty firefighters and a woman, all apparently drunk, walked by the sleeping man. According to witnesses, the woman yelled at the man for sleeping at the memorial and then kicked him, police said.

The firefighters then joined in, hitting the man with a stick and kicking him. The homeless man defended himself and furnished a knife. He struck one of the firefighters.

Seattle Fire Department spokeswoman Lt. Sue Stangl confirmed the involvement of the firefighters. She said the department is still looking at what happened and doesn’t have a full statement yet.

She said the firefighters are 15- and 17-year veterans of the Fire Department. The woman involved is not part of the department.

She said one of them has been on disability since January, while the other had last worked last Thursday.

The woman and the non-injured firefighter were booked into King County jail to face assault charges. The stabbed firefighter was taken to Harborview Medical Center with non-life-threatening wounds. He’ll be charged after his release from the hospital.

The homeless man refused medical treatment.


Idiots and alcohol. One of many dangers. If those homeless guys had some sort of shelter to allow them to avoid being seen may have prevented this event from even happening. Safety from scum, the weather, theft, etc. is why I highly recommend avoiding what I label “total homelessness” by having a vehicle conducive to stealth living. A cargo van that blends in with other vehicles is often the best choice.

My advice to the homeless is limited by my own experiences and what I have learned from others and by a lot of reading about the topic. I encourage everybody now homeless, facing the possibility or just curious and wanting to prepare for the possibility to seek many different information sources. The Web has many information sources so seek them out.

I have walked a life path outside the norm. I am what some folks label a “lone wolf.” I live alone and most of my interactions with others is with me appearing by myself. Many folks have someone at their side constantly. Those folks, if homeless, can use much of my advice but alter it to fit their needs.

There can be safety in numbers, even if it is just a pair, but danger can still confront a duo or larger grouping.

Basically, do all you can to avoid trouble. If peril arrives do all you can to escape but if forced to defend yourself… become a savage beast and fight that evil and do your best to make evil run or if evil will not flee you… well… use your judgment and minimize that after-effects that an often warped, perverted legal system imposes upon the folks in the lower classes who are too often viewed as sub-human and not nearly as worthy as those in the upper levels of the extremely class-based USA society.

As the old saying goes… it is better to be tried by 12 than carried to your grave by 6.

Good luck to all of you attempting to exist in what can be a cruel, greedy society where profit is the prophet.

And always try to avoid the bad. It is the best path to follow.

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