A Kind Deed

Rising up from homelessness can be very difficult for many reasons.

Some homeless folks are mentally ill. Some do not possess the skills to obtain a decent job.

A lack of a place to store clothing presentable for work or a lack of transportation cause difficulties.

And then there is the lack of available jobs in many areas but the ruling masters of the USA with ample wealth and even if they lost that wealth those folks at the higher social-economic levels are more likely to have support systems to rely upon.

The situations the homeless are existing within are varied so no blanket statement can be used to describe all homeless folks.

However, many non-homeless folks easily spew their beliefs about their views of the homeless.  Lazy. Lack of morals. Should have done this or that. So many declarations that likely apply to some homeless but those spitting those beliefs are showing their own attitudes towards those down on their luck.

A video is making the rounds upon various media outlets that is revealing of the difference among homeless folks.

Observe how the guy receiving $1,000 acts after receiving the gift.  He wants to share it with the guy who gave him the ticket the homeless guy thought was a real lottery ticket, not knowing that the ticket-giver funded the fake winnings.

The guy giving the gift had his own reason(s) for doing the deed. Whether one or more of the reasons was for the giver’s personal gain does not matter. A nice deed was performed that day. Likely not a life-altering event but those dollars will assuredly benefit the homeless guy far more than some high-level elite scum sending jobs out of the USA and amassing mega-millions of  dollars for doing so.

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