You are a lazy loser

Yes, you must be a bum, a scum, a worthless nobody and perhaps a drug addict with a felonious heart ready to rob, rape and rampage throughout society if you are not one of the worthy people.

If you are not at least a millionaire or better you have proven yourself to be a failure and social Darwinism declares you are an abject failure. Perhaps worthy of dying and not being a burden upon your betters.

Even if you have “played by the rules” your entire life if you have not attained a position at the upper levels of the social-economic hierarchy that is proof to at least some folks that you are a failure, a loser, scum, filth or whatever word best describes what you are in the minds of too many wonderful folks in the USA.

However, some of those folks with those beliefs are the products of the most effective indoctrination systems ever created.

Consider the many folks crying out in anguish at those horrid working-class labor unions that combines the power of the group into a mutually beneficial whole.

Sure, there have been abuses and criminal conduct within some of the union’s ranks but was those negatives bad enough to negate the positives of folks working together for mutual benefit?

How about the other end of the spectrum… monolithic corporations amassing the power of a multitude of people with enormous wealth and often immense influence upon governments? How can an individual ever compete against THAT “union”?  Where is the constant demonizing of corporations by the propaganda machines as has been done with the unions?

Folks, class warfare is real. The evidence bombards us constantly. And the “hearts and minds” of the masses have been controlled by the few for their benefit since the beginning of time.

Technology has assisted the few in their ceaseless lust for power and wealth.

I do see a minute glimmer of possible change of thoughts and attitudes within a small but growing number of us commoners, the serfs of society, the dregs who have been indoctrinated for so long that if we do not achieve the lofty economic levels of the folks filling the ranks of the upper levels of the hierarchy we are losers.

The elites (please know I use that term in a very general way to convey complex thoughts) and their brainwashed serfs often point to the mentally ill, the drug and alcohol addicts and others as being representative of the class they view as losers.

That view may be true but I have shunned that life style and those immersed within it. My thoughts in this blog entry are of the decent folks who have tried to “play by the rules” and be productive, useful to society, law-abiding and just general all-around decent folks doing the work society needs doing to function on a day-to-day basis.

For whatever of many possible reasons some folks are unable to achieve economic stability despite their best efforts. A Web search will reveal many reasons for decent folks becoming “failures.”

The possibility of any of us becoming economically destitute and confronting homelessness is the main reason I started this blog. Another is to communicate my beliefs about what I declare to be a growing class war within the USA thaat occurs world-wide and has existed to some extent since humans became more than basic hunter-gatherers wandering the world in small packs.

Even then the packs had a hierarchical structure with a “top dog” and various levels of social strata. It is part of being a “pack animal.”

As humans advanced socially, technologically and other advancements the elite’s power grew along with those advances until we can see today the elites have at their command… or through their lackeys who operate the elite’s systems… the ability to destroy entire countries with the weapons of war.

“Command and control” is is a term used often in military circles but it also applies to those committing class war against the masses under their greedy iron-clad fists that will smash opposition.

Lucky for us within the USA that iron fist is mostly held in abeyance until other resources have failed to control revolting serfs, commoner folks, that’s you and me and everybody we know (unless you are one of a very small minority of rulers).

I wonder when that iron fist will pummel the people of the USA if the reality of the ongoing class war enters the minds of a growing number of the once well-indoctrinated masses?


In the meantime… if you are homeless or facing it in the near future as your economic situation continues to deteriorate, and all your efforts to improve your economic situation are for naught, I hope the linked-to article replicated in part below assists in easing or eliminating any self-debasement you possess.

Folks, circumstances among the masses vary greatly… consider the adage of the millions living within the city with millions of individual stories to tell… if you are one of the many who tried to do right, that behaved as a “good American” should, you were civil to neighbors and co-workers, honest in your dealings with others, a law-abiding decent person any other decent person would be pleased to have as a neighbor or member of the community… yet the future looks bleak or worse… consider the following:


Baby boomers, who railed against parental authority in their youth, are increasingly turning to their parents for help with financial problems in their older years.

According to data cited by the Los Angeles Times, about 194,000 Californians aged 50 to 64 lived with their parents as of 2012, an increase of 67.6 percent during the preceding seven years. Though more young Californians live with their parents, the numbers of older folks living with mom and dad rose at a faster rate.

The newspaper’s conclusions are backed up by data from other sources. A few years ago, the Pew Research Center estimated that 17 percent of Americans lived in a multigenerational household, the highest rate since the 1950s. A 2012 report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office found that older workers who lose their jobs have a tougher time finding new employment than younger ones.

“Some have given up looking for work,” says Catherine Collinson, president of Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies and Transamerica Institute. “There’s a certain level of feeling overwhelmed.”

Further exacerbating baby boomers’ woes is the poor state of many of their retirement savings. The median retirement household savings for members of the post-World War II generation is a little more than $100,000, which is nowhere near enough.

The Economic Policy Institute notes that 40 percent of people in their peak savings years (55-64) had nothing saved, and 10 percent had socked away $12,000 or less. According to Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies’ 14th Annual Retirement Survey done last year, 62 percent of baby boomers plan to work past 65 or say they won’t retire. Another 58 percent plan to continue working at least part-time while “retired” for health insurance coverage.

“Many baby boomers are working longer and retiring later,” Collinson said.

That plan doesn’t always work out, particularly if boomers experience health problems as they age. As the GAO noted, long-term unemployment can sap retirement savings pretty easily. For instance, a 55-year-old worker who withdrew 50 percent of his $70,000 retirement savings over two years would need another five years to recoup those losses, the agency says.

Then there’s the drama that comes from multiple generations living under one roof. Challenges abound both for the parents and the adult children. For friends of Collinson, it has been a challenge.

She notes: “It’s safe to say they drove each other crazy.”


Follow the link for the links embedded within the text and for the comments following the story.

Those comments are enlightening. Please notice the comments made by folks who I consider to be well-indoctrinated underlings who accept what their ruling masters have foisted upon the masses.

Those mental slave chains placed their by relentless indoctrination are stronger then steel.

Even steel can corrode, however, so it is imperative that enlightened common folks do all they can to counter that relentless all-encompassing propaganda used by the ruling masters to control those who they lord over.

That essay mentions the folks who do have a retreat from homelessness. Not mentioned are the many who have no place to go; who have only themselves to rely upon.

If you are one of those many folks prepare NOW for a possible confrontation with homelessness. Obtain a vehicle to fall back upon should your current housing status change to a state of nowhere to sleep at night.

Other posts tell of housing options and what to avoid such as relying upon homeless shelters or pitching a tent in a wooded area near or within a city or town where you are an easy target for the elite’s enforcement systems to attack or for scum, vile criminal-types to invade your space.

The main reason for this entry is to ease the minds of the decent folks confronting homelessness. You gave it your best shot but for some of us the cards are stacked against you. Some folks are born with a winning hand while others grab a winning hand and are able to hang onto it while the luck of the draw may have given you a losing hand with no winning hands coming your way.

Prepare now for the worst.

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