Cost of a House / Home

The millennial generation, in fact, has been largely left out of the housing recovery, as investors quickly bought up distressed homes on the low end of the market, pushing overall prices higher and faster than expected. Prices usually lag sales in the housing market, but this recovery has turned history on its head. Sales are lagging prices, due to a lack of inventory of homes for sale.

That paragraph came from:   Home buyers want new, but won’t pay for it

My hovel is atop the cultural backwater of the Ozark Plateau where poverty is a part of life for a large percentage of the populace. When the Great Recession that was actually a depression for so many of us at the bottom of the social-economic pile was a time of immense wealth transference to those at the higher levels of the HUGE pyramid-shaped scam that is the USA.

As the depression continued I saw constant growth in the numbers of “for sale” signs in front of recently emptied houses.

Yes, houses. A house is not a home until people live inside the building.

I was one of the folks who bought a for-sale house during the depression. The owner was desperate and add the 10% rebate the federal government was offering to stimulate the economy resulted in a price so low I had the funds available to buy.

Many of these houses here in what some folks would label as the bad part of town sold in the $15,000 to $30,000 range. The same houses in some of the parts of California where I once lived would have likely been in the $180,000 to $280,000 range. Even in the bad part of town out there.

My own experience is that the commoner, the serf, the working-poor person will not earn much more per hour in wages in California as what they will receive here in an area known for low wages.

Now… onwards to what led me to creating this latest blog entry:

It takes a large percentage of the common folk’s earnings to obtain a normal place to live. The term “normal” includes living places such as a house, apartment or trailer in a trailer park or on a piece of land where those living places are allowed.

If houses were viewed by the powerful, wealthy ruling elites and their obedient lackeys as home for the masses of common folks We, the People, the huge mass of common folks filling the immense ranks of the lower classes, would be much better off economically and, concurrently, psychologically since our lives would be less stressful.

Please be aware, people of the world, that live can be very stressful for the multitude of common folks within the USA. There are many problems in USA society worsened by the severe stress so many of us live within.

There is a possibility that the stress may come so great that the much-needed Revolutionary War Two may occur.

Currently, the USA elites, local, regional and national, view houses as a wonderful profit-making opportunity.

I was one of the few local folks that bought a house to be a home. I believe that the federal government behaved in a very out-of-the-norm manner by only allowing that 10% rebate to folks who intended to live within the house thus making it a purchase of a home.

As I watched the houses slowly sell I noticed that the majority were worked upon by contractors who made repairs and brought the house up to the level needed to attract a renter. When the workers were done I saw the “for rent” signs appear and every one I saw the new owner was one of several local corporate entities who intended to make a profit from the need for folks to have a place to live.

I wonder how many common folks were priced out of the house-buying market by having to compete with corporations?

I envision a country where a house is first viewed as a home for PEOPLE… not as a profit-making device for those who amass wealth in a corporate form and compete with individuals.

Do the elites want competition? I have an idea. How about the USA military that is full of folks from the lower classes, my class, combine our resources and declare war against the entrenched power systems that have conducted class war against the masses from the USA’s inception?

What I am writing about is extremely complex. Yes, there is a need for houses, apartments, etc. for those who do not want to own a home or in a situation requiring mobility to various parts of the USA.

However, the present system of severe greed and class war and the spitting upon the common folks has led to houses costing more to much more than they should be.

Take out the current systems of greedy lust for profit at the expense of the poor and poorest folks and the USA could become a much better place for all of us to live.

Houses are purposefully made as expensive as possible so elites can prosper. The masses of USA residents are well-indoctrinated to accept this and and many other scams as being correct and proper… how things are supposed to be.

One result of falsely inflated housing prices is who this blog is directed at: the homeless.

The many systems within the USA attempt to force as many folks into what are considered “traditional” living arrangements as possible. Those living arrangements create wealth for those controlling those systems.

Again I shout out for all to read:





From living arrangements to medical care to food prices to everything needed just to survive there is a hidden price that is sent to the upper levels of the economic hierarchy.

If homelessness is forced upon you despite your playing by all the rules imposed upon us by greedy anti-people elites and the many systems they control try not to feel like a worthless loser as I did when I lived in my car back in the early 1980s. I was still well-indoctrinated at that time.

As the years and decades passed and I devoured innumerable non-fiction books, essays, articles, news stories, etc. I realized that despite my best efforts and playing by the rules imposed upon me by a HUGE SCAM plain bad luck was all that was needed to become one of the despised ones, an outcast, a homeless person.

And the scam continues and nothing changes.

When, if ever, will enough of the mass of common folks cry out in anger and do what needs doing?

I believe a full-scale military coup to destroy the old and start anew offers the best chance to re-create the USA but that is just a hunch.

In the meantime do your best, folks, and prepare in advance for that spate of bad luck that can quickly send you into the ranks of the homeless folks.




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