Serve the Ruling Masters you Peon Scum

In the USA the masses of commoners labor relentlessly in an attempt to live a lifestyle that massive amounts of relentless propaganda tells them is the correct and proper way to be normal.

Following the path your indoctrination instructs you to follow may lead to financial success or maybe it will not. Whether you are a success as that term is defined by the typical American serf, the masses of powerless common folks who have been brainwashed from birth, is each individual’s determination.

The ruling elites of the USA want you to follow the path you have been instructed to follow has one overriding purpose… perform as the ruling masters want their serfs to do and those elites will be able to use their many systems to skim off a portion of the wealth each serf creates.


That wealth is taken in obvious and not-obvious ways. A major method is to add extra cost to the prices of goods and services that everybody buys. I hope you like the never-ending barrage of advertising confronting you wherever you go for YOU are paying for that bombardment.

The ruling elite masters have armies of cohorts, minions and lackeys who are rewarded for assisting the masters. Those rewards typically come from the created systems the masters control directly or via their minions who hire lackeys to operate those systems. All of this convoluted craziness is extremely complex and that assists the few in lording over the many.

The people who either willingly or unwillingly are not performing as the masters desire there are many methods to punish those who are not creating wealth for the greedy vile scum vermin filth enemies of the common folks. For some reason, it appears that the elites and their lackeys especially despise the people who are not producing wealth for the masters due to mental illness or personal defects such as alcoholism or drug addiction or those who are homeless despite their best efforts to follow their indoctrination to live the type of life they have been taught is the path to follow.

It angers me most when decent, law-abiding, civil folks who are homeless despite their best most sincere efforts to be productive are for naught. Is it possible the masters and their lackeys despise those folks down on their luck because they offer proof that the elites’ systems are a failure?

I try to understand what is going on within the USA and have devoted a lot of time trying to understand the incredibly complex everything that when combined created a modern country. There’s economics and social and psychological factors. The political aspect is also complex and these and other areas are all influenced by the relentless propaganda puring down upon the masses of common folks from birth to death.

Here is the news story that led to my creating this post:


A growing number of cities across the country are making it “illegal to be homeless,” according to a new report.

If you are born into the “proper” socioeconomic class within the USA it is unlikely you will ever face homelessness. If you are one of the masses reared within a lower class all it takes is a brief bout of bad luck to become one of the despised ones and once you are homeless it can be very difficult to get back on your feet again and be a producing entity that creates wealth for the ruling masters to profit from.





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