It Pays to be Paranoid

When you live within a country and society where profit is beloved and admired and consideration for humanity is, at best, a secondary consideration if you are homeless you must do your best to not be noticed by anybody.

Hopefully you have friends or family willing to let you live in their abode; whether it be a nice house or apartment or trailer or even a falling-down shanty where the cold winter winds require you to cover yourself with clothes and several blankets to fend off freezing in winter at least you have a place to store your possessions and to sleep in relative safety.

The USA is a BIG country with over 315-million people trying to get by while confronting an ongoing class war. Your family and social ties can be of many types. If you are lucky and belong to a group that assists its members be thankful. Some of you are akin to me… you have family but each individual is expected to be successful on their own and require no assistance for basic living requirements. I believe that is an aspect of the sub-culture my extended family was raised with… a “rugged individualism” planted within our psyche by society and those who control the propaganda we are immersed within our entire lives.

Keep us lowly commoners divided and convinced that banding together for a common good for ourselves is BAD!!! The combined effort allowed is for things such as fighting a war to protect USA foreign business interests or working for a firm and “joining” the efforts to create wealth for the firm owner(s) while you, the worker, receives just enough to scrape by on. The propaganda that assists in keeping the masses of common folks has convinced a HUGE portion of the populace that mutual efforts such as a blue-collar working-class union is BAD!!!

But, mutual efforts that create monolithic corporations that send enormous amounts of wealth to the apex of the folks involved with that corporation is highly-valued by… the folks at the top of the USA socioeconomic hierarchy and passed along in their propaganda systems to convince much of the USA populace that as things are is correct and proper.

The USA is a scam. A generally peaceful scam that is not nearly as evil as other scams such as North Korea or how Stalin, Pol Pot, Idi Amin and other greedy, evil, better-off-dead scum ran their scams. But declaring the USA is better than those truly evil scams is a poor excuse for not being angry at what the USA elites and their lackeys are doing to the people of the USA and to folks across the planet.

I started this latest rant after listening to the local police dispatch via the Web as a police car was sent to investigate two people sleeping in a car. No further details given… just that little piece of information.

Let that be a lesson to you if you ever are forced to live in a vehicle. Do all you can to avoid being seen by anybody. Consider the whole world to be your enemy. Read my earlier posts about being homeless. Stealth homelessness should be your goal.

Good luck, folks. As the USA wealth is increasingly sent up to the top of the economic pile I fear the numbers of homeless will grow. Prepare NOW for what may await you in your future. There are many ways to prepare.

  • Have family that will take you in
  • Friends to let you stay until things get better
  • Be one of the wealthy few who will never lack funds
  • Own a reliable cargo van to live in
  • Own a reliable vehicle of any type to live in

Every situation differs. My past experience in vehicle living has been explained in earlier posts. You must do the best with what life throws at you. Owning a reliable cargo van is my preferred choice for vehicle living. Your situation may allow owning a recreational-type vehicle with much more space than a cargo van. Those RVs are not conducive to stealth living and have many limitations.

Be flexible!!! But, above all… plan ahead and be prepared.






  1. Sad, but true. You would perhaps be interested in “The Poverty of Affluence,” by Paul Wachtel. Published in 1989, it is relevant to our current situation and is an almost perfect description and history of the psychology behind our “things” culture, and the contempt with which our society holds the poor. Your rant is a very legitimate condemnation of the market philosophy that runs this nation. Makes socialism look like a reasonable alternative, in many ways, to the dog-eat-dog attitude we’re imbued with from childhood. Comes right down to it, the ideal situation for our “leaders” would be a sort of suspended animation closet in which to store workers and other wage slaves who could be pulled out to to this or that job (for VERY low wages, of course) and then hung back up on their hooks when the market declined or the demand for whatchamacallits dropped off seasonally.

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