How one group is coping

There is a good write-up with lots of pictures at the Web site linked-to below:

AMERICA TODAY: Heartbreaking Pictures From New Jersey’s Homeless ‘Tent City’

The USA can be an incredibly cruel place to live. The “luck of the draw” is partially responsible for your lifestyle and so is individual effort. The complexity of life here prohibits my covering the many aspects that determines whether you live a luxurious life free from any financial worries or if you remain a mere commoner akin to a serf serving the masters who can lead their wonderful lives because of a huge mass of common folks eking out a living.

Do all you can to avoid homelessness since it can be very difficult to rise above that state once you are immersed in that condition. Circumstances vary greatly but if you do not have a social network or even one decent person willing to assist once you are down it could possibly be for the proverbial count. Doomed to a lifetime of marginal living despite your best efforts.


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