Lots of Van Living Advice

Reddit to the rescue!!!


Live in your van, car or truck or want to? Need tips or help on making it work as you travel or just stay in one spot? Join us and learn or give help to others who do the same.


Do not believe everything you read. Laws vary across the country, within states and from town-to-town. Advice about using, installing etc. things such as propane stoves and heaters and similar stuff should be confirmed as being accurate since mistakes with using that stuff can cause fires or explosions and could cause injury or death. Verify everything you read by whatever method you can. Play it safe, folks.

Wandering through the linked-to site I saw a LOT of interesting and useful stuff. As I regularly shout… be prepared for homelessness before it hits. Especially if you are one of the many societal dregs within the USA who have been shoved downwards into an economic quagmire as forced vastly more powerful than you utilize the many systems they control to skim wealth from the common folks and send it ever-upwards into the greedy hands of the ruling elites and the corporate systems that are in an unholy alliance with government entities.

Class war, folks. We are in the midst of one. And We, the People, the masses of commoners, are losing. Badly. Things may be okay for you now but all it take is one event to occur and you could be among the multitude of homeless and near-homeless trying to exist within our class war-ridden country.

Good luck!!!


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