Technology and Homelessness

Hello humans. I can not assist you fine folks with the new-fangled portable electronic device stuff since I do not own a cell phone or any portable device. I will be forced to learn, however, when the van is my home and I rely upon a laptop-type computer to access the Web and need a cell phone to allow telephonic-type communications.

I did find a Web site that may be handy to assist folks in using portable devices to assist in overcoming the many hurdles facing homeless folks. is a site with many sub-sites that cover particular areas of interest. The helpful portion for devices is:

A digital community created by vagabonds, for vagabonds:
All are welcome: Hitchhikers, Trainhoppers, Backpackers, Rubbertramps, Squatters, Tramps, and other houseless travelers!
A digital home for sharing stories, pictures, tips, and advice about living life on the road!

A horde of topics are covered. As with all advice, suggestions, tips and tricks etc. use common sense and realize that the writer may not have a clue about the factuality and reality of what they write. Use common sense and/or check other sources to confirm that the advice you read is accurate.

Good luck, folks. The lying bastards of the media care more about keeping the class war going and brainwashing the masses of common folks that things are as they should be. The huge scam that is the USA continues. Those at the bottom of the economic pile know the negative effects of a country where immense power and wealth wielded by those commanding and controlling the USA operate in a manner to maximize the wealth flow to the top while spitting upon those at the lower levels of the socioeconomic hierarchy.

percent controlling assets

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