Alternative Living (Introduction to site)

Hello. Here is one of many Web sites, blogs and other entities existing to assist others facing homelessness. One site can not convey everything useful to those currently homeless, facing the possibility of a lack of dwelling place or planning ahead to be ready if homelessness confronts them.

Throughout this blog are warnings to use common sense and awareness of your own situation and to not rely upon my advice, information, tips & tricks etc. as your sole source of what and what not to do. Do that with everything you read about alternative living. Circumstances and situations vary too greatly across the USA to let a blog or Web site be your sole guide. Especially important is how laws and statutes exist in your area. You have to determine those yourself along with understanding the community standards of your area. Some places are more homeless-friendly than others.

I toss in my beliefs about why the USA has a homeless problem. It is one way I relieve anger. And anger I have in abundance as will be obvious as you read through the entries.

This is the “sticky page.” It always appears first. The rest of the entries are chronological with the newest entry appearing first and the first entry that started the blog coming last. Included with this “on top” entry is a list of links to what may be helpful sites. It is easier for me to add to those sites and to check them to see if the link still works by having it always at the top. To see the links click on the “continue reading” link to expand this entry.

Links updated August 16, 2015

How to Live in Your Car

Car, Van and Campervan living

Living the van life

Homeless Shelter Directory

How to Live in Your Car

Looming rental crisis in the United States


Links checked July 13, 2022

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