A changing USA. The tyrants are lording over the common folks.

Read the article and conclude what you will. My belief that the USA is in the throes of class warfare has me interpret it in my own way. I take pride in believing I have cast off some of the indoctrination all of us are exposed to our entire life within the USA. Indoctrinated to believe that as things are is how things are supposed to be.

Here, follow the link and read the article and compare it to your life experiences and what you have been exposed to via your schooling and the media and the many ways that the overlords tyrannizing the USA brainwash the masses to keep their huge scam operating.

How Los Angeles Is Becoming a ‘Third World’ City

No mention of the folks living in vehicles. If those people were counted who knows how much larger the numbers of homeless mentioned in the article would be.

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