How to Shower and Stay CLEAN when living in a car, van or RV

rat showers in sink GIF


Try to have a friend(s) that will allow you to use their bathroom. Perhaps trade some work to encourage them to alloy you access. Mow their lawn? Clean their house or part of it? Do something to keep the welcome open. I had a friend with a family that did not have room for me to sleep there but I had $200 per month to chip in on rent and utilities… needed by them to keep them in the apartment… and that resulted in my having a key to the apartment and full access to cleaning, cooking and the telephone.

I used but did not abuse the access right. Your circumstances will vary. Be flexible, folks. Be creative. Maybe a local motel will allow you to use a rooms’ bathroom for your cleaning a few rooms. Perhaps a truck stop will allow use of one of the trucker shower rooms for doing a chore around the place.

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