End of RV Living: Why You Shouldn’t Go Nomadic -Advice for Females (video)

I am a male and write in a male manner with male thoughts and attitudes. I grew up fighting street gangs then entered the military where I excelled at shore patrol and years of physical conditioning and working as a blue-collar laborer and I can face the world in a manner the typical female can not.

So, for the gals in the crowd this video is for you. At the risk of coming across as sexist… well… I do not care. You gals have to accept your limitations, both physical and mental. If you are a homeless female find a decent male to act as your protector. Females who are not nut-cases likely need not face homelessness. Gals interact differently than guys and it should be easier to get another gal to let you stay for awhile or longer at their living arrangement. Relatives may be more likely to assist a homeless female relative than they would a male. Society appears to devote more resources to homeless females, especially if you have a kid or two or a tribe of the varmints.

The gal in this video purposefully hit the road and lived out of her RV. That is not homelessness. The warnings she offers can still benefit you gals forced into homelessness. As I already said, try to avoid homelessness since there are perils out there. If you are forced to be homeless try hard to find a decent male to attach yourself to. Assist him as he assists you. It is up to you to handle the details of your interactions. Hopefully the decent guy you hook up with has a van or RV or, even better, a nice house or apartment for you to keep clean and cook and do the laundry and voila’ no homelessness.

Good luck.

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