Portland ‘overwhelmed’ with abandoned RVs – YouTube

Huge variations across the USA regarding how homeless folks are handled. The RVs shown in this video stick out due to their size and for what they are; vehicles meant to live within. A cargo van would be less noticeable and if you are inconspicuous, keep your area clean and generally be a “good neighbor” you should have less trouble than those folks who do not use common sense.

It is also important to not stay in one place too long. If you get really lucky you will find the rare location that suits your needs and allows you to stay in one place for a lengthy period. Stay alert to your surroundings. Is there a construction site that looks like it will take a lengthy time to complete the job? Talk to the contractor. Maybe he will let you park there to be a presence at night to deter theft and vandalism. A plus is there will be porta-potties available for use and maybe a fresh water source. Does not hurt to ask folks if you can swap your presence at night to be a sort of guard. If you have a cell phone you can call the cops if you see illegal activity. Sell yourself to others to obtain a parking spot for your mobile living space.


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