Head for the Boonies? (video)

If you have an income source allowing you to live without the need for employment your homeless situation has more options. Some folks are tied to a location because they have a job there or maybe other obligations such as caring for kids or an aging parent or anything that keeps you from heading for greener pastures. Lack of funds can also be a deterrent. With luck you have a vehicle to live in and some money to cover expenses and really fortunate if a way to replenish your wealth exists.

If such is your fate you may consider moving to Slab City, California.

“The site is both decommissioned and uncontrolled, and there is no charge for parking. The site has no official electricity, running water, sewers, toilets or trash pickup service. Many residents use generators or solar panels to generate electricity. The closest body of civilization with proper law enforcement is approximately four miles southwest of Slab City in Niland where the residents often go to do basic shopping. As a result, the site is described by its inhabitants and news outlets like Vice News as a miniature de facto enclave of anarchy. ”

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