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Hello humans. Homelessness happens in many ways and situations and circumstances vary so much that I am forced to write in huge sweeping generalities with occasional dabbles into specifics. My best advice for all is to do your best to own a well-running reliable car, truck or van if forced to be homeless. Of those vehicle types strive to own a long-wheel-base cargo van by Ford or Chevy with Dodge following those two. Ford and Chevy tend to have more used-parts availability due to more of them being sold. Modern vans differ a bit than those of earlier eras. Too complicated to cover here I leave it up to you to obtain whatever vehicle you can and make it a rolling mobile home to ease your homeless predicament.

It is Tent Cot time!!! YAY!!!!  Borrowing from the Web page where the pic above is found we read:

“The fully, self-contained Tent Cot creates a private sleep shelter that stands 11” above the ground to provide comfort and protection from rocks, insects and dampness. The sturdy cot base eliminates the uncomfortable cross bars typically found with standard sleeping cots.”

Bed: 84″L x 28″W
Tent: 84″L x 28″W x 24″H
Weight: 24 lbs
Capacity: 300 lbs

Heavy duty 190T Nylon
No-See-Um Mesh on all windows and doors  (those are tiny biting bugs)
Elevated cot base for off-the-ground comfort
Heavy duty powder-coated aluminum frame
Easy use, corrosion-resistant zippers
Unique, multi-function hinge design (allows use as a lounge chair)
Superior quality clips and buckles
Interior storage pouches
Quick, easy set up

Price shown on December 10, 2018:  $139.99 (plus shipping)

Scroll down the Web page linked-to above to see other available products.

Imagine being homeless and no shelter is available and you do not have a vehicle. What to do? Some folks pitch a tent in a hidden spot. Perhaps seek an abandoned house you can squat in. Desperate folks will find shelter somewhere. The tent cot has some advantages over other living/sleeping arrangements. Insert some in your mind using your thinking processes!!! Here’s a few of my random thoughts:

Buy it now and use it for recreational use. Have it on hand in case future calamity sends you into the streets. Maybe a friend will become homeless and you are unwilling or unable to let that person live in your abode. Hand them your tent cot and wish them luck. A real friend would allow them to return once weekly to do laundry and take a shower. That’s all up to you, of course.

Having something with wheels to pull behind you to carry your stuff would be nice. Twenty-four pounds can get heavy after awhile, even if it is strapped upon your back.

If you have a hiding place where you leave your tent cot consider chaining and locking it to a secure object. The aluminum frame could likely be easily defeated and your house stolen. Evil-minded people (the world is full of them) may vandalize your home making it unusable. If I used a tent cot I would do my best to take it everywhere with me.

A severe storm could blow it away… even with you inside. Eeeeek!!! Splat. Thud. Having some rope to tie your house to a couple secure objects may be advisable, especially if the weather gets wild.

Always beware of fire. I would have a very sharp knife or box-cutter at hand allowing a lengthy fear-driven slice to create an opening allowing escape. A fire can be internal or external. Wild fires occur… even in urban wooded areas. Crazed barbarians could also be present and decide it would be great fun to set your home alight. Be able to quickly escape.

Waterproofing can be difficult. Staying dry can be critical for survival. If the temperature is warm to hot getting wet may be a mere nuisance but with the limitations imposed upon the homeless keeping yourself and your possessions dry is advisable. The Kamp-Rite site has an Accessories & Replacement Parts page where “rain flies” can be bought. Since water-tightness is critical buying one is likely a very wise decision.


No mention if the unit zippers shut or if velcro-type fasteners or something else is used. If interested I recommend some Web searching looking for reviews that describe the products better than Kamp-Rite does.

Here is another fellows’ opinion about a similar tent cot.

Kamp Rite Tent Cot Review

The review is based upon recreational camping use. The opinions offered can still assist those pondering tent cot use in a homelessness situation. As you will see if you follow the link other reviews are available. A handy site and a big thanks to the chap putting the effort in to make it visible to all.

If additional living space is wanted or required a two-person version is available:


A video of a cot tent (tent cot?) being set up for use:

A mid-size unit is available that may be more useful and easier to haul around than the large double-wide model:

Kamp-Rite® Oversize Tent Cot

“The Kamp-Rite® Oversize Tent Cot stands 11” above the ground and brings additional comfort with its expanded sleeping area. The Oversize Tent Cot is wider and longer than the Original Tent Cot and adds a domed top to create more head room and interior space. This off-the-ground sleep shelter ensures superior protection from the elements and delivers a level of comfort and convenience not usually found in traditional, old style camping gear.

The sturdy cot base includes two additional support legs located at each end of the Tent Cot for extra stability.”  (extra support may be handy)

Setup: 90″L x 32″W x 47″H
Bed: 90″L x 32″W  (7-feet 6-inches long. 2-feet 8-inches wide)
Tent: 90″L x 32″W x 36″H
Weight: 32 lbs
Capacity: 350 lbs
Folded: 36″L x 34″W x 7″H


For the times you need a place to sit while awake.  Below is the fully erect Oversize unit in all its glory.


Wal-Mart has its version of the cot tent:

Outsunny Air Mattress Sleeping Bag Combo Pop Up Tent Cot

There are reviews at the site. Looking at the picture I wonder about how waterproof it is.


Those pads add to the bulk and it can not be converted to a lounging chair. A Web search will surely reveal other offerings of various styles, etc.

Let’s look at another review about a Kamp-Rite offering”

Kamp-Rite Tent Cot – Gear Review

Amazon.com is a convenient way to shop especially if you live in an area with limited sources for the items you desire. I have used them for various items over the years and they have always delivered as desired. Over the years their product review section has grown and has become a handy source for product information. Even if you do not buy from Amazon and intend to purchase a product elsewhere you can still look at Amazon for possible consumer reviews of a product you are interested in. Here is one of their tent cot offerings:

TANGKULA Tent Cot Folding Waterproof 2 Person Hiking Elevated Camping Tent


Here’s another review:

3 Best Cot Tents For Camping Solo Warm Off The Ground Tent Options

Reminder time. Folks, I am not engaged with affiliate sales with any firm. Many blogs and personal Web sites are involved with affiliate profit-seeking ventures. Look at the URL of embedded links at the blog/Web site and you will see a lengthy URL that includes the site information that allows the vendor to pay the affiliate that sends the vendor a customer. To ease my explaining and to have fun with experimenting lets try it out…

Here is a URL chosen that I believe contains affiliate information:


Here is the same URL but with the affiliate identification removed:


I selected a random Web site for this experiment. I am not declaring the affiliate linking to Amazon is doing anything wrong. As you wander the Web notice how often affiliate linking is in action. I ask myself… how many of these affiliates are going to make any detrimental statements about an item they hope people buy? Are product reviews where an affiliate situation exists as realistic, truthful, wholesome and pure as a review would be if no affiliate situation is present? Something to think about.

Many affiliate sites do not review products. Items are often displayed as part of a story or other written content. The affiliate situation is merely an “aside” with a hope that a stray reader may, now and then, end up buying a displayed item. Use your own judgment regarding content when affiliate links are involved.

At all my blogs there is no affiliation present so it is a “what you see/read is what you get” situation. Sure, I may try to persuade folks that yes, the USA is engaged in class warfare and that, yes, Western civilization is under attack by extremely wealthy powerful tyrannical elite-class vermin and their many well-indoctrinated lackeys but my persuasions are not an attempt to garner wealth.

Some day I will return and proofread this article and gnash my teeth and wail aloud in wonderment of how I allowed the errors to slip past my gaze. While grabbing info for this article I found some other nifty ways for homeless folks to keep out of the wind, cold and rain. More to come!!!


Twas the day after Christmas and all through the shanty one human creature was stirring. Here is a link to a site offering a few reviews. Information assists the purchasing process but not mentioned is a very critical item… how truly waterproof each unit is when in actual use during inclement weather.

Top 7 Best Tent Cot Reviews


Links checked July 13, 2022

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