Hammock Tent



The Crua Hybrid ‘MK2’ – Tent/Hammock can be suspended from trees or other sturdy supports the attachment devices can grasp onto or the Crua can be placed upon the ground. I do not know how stable it is when suspended but surely the engineers ensured it would be stable enough so that easy-tipping of the occupant onto the shelter sides or through the side onto the ground was not a typical event.

From their site:

Sleeps 1 person
Trail weight: 2.2 kg/5 lbs? (hover over the ? at their site for information)

Footprint: 2.7ft wide x 7.5ft long x 2.5ft tall
Total floor space: 20 sq. ft
Max weight for hammock use: 260 lbs/117.9 kgs

NOTE: This configuration DOES NOT include the self-inflating mattress or sleeping bag

At the Amazon page for this item:

Crua Hybrid Camping Hammock Tent: Converts from Hammock to Single Person Tent | Includes Mosquito Net and Waterproof Rain Fly

Amazon price as of December 2018:  $229.00 & FREE Shipping

Scroll down the Amazon page to access three videos.

The inflatable pad and sleeping bag are extra-cost options.

If used on the ground and rain is coming make sure you are in a spot where puddles do not develop or you and your possessions could wake up soaked, cold, miserable and facing the tiresome task of drying your stuff. A major pain in the butt.

Videos are cool:



In the comment section of the video Crua states the weight is 5-pounds net. That is surely the weight of the hammock-tent minus sleeping bag etc. That light weight offers portability. I am guessing that set-up is quickly done after some practice. That is important when living on the streets or wooded urban/suburban lots where you need to take all your goods with you or face the risk of vandalism or theft. If the police roust you you need to take everything so you can wander off and find a hopefully quiet out-of-the-way place so that the cops or thugs or other threats do not see you. Stealth living. Out of sight, out of mind. Important if living in a vehicle or tent or cardboard box. If you can’t be found you can not be attacked.

A YouTube search found several other videos covering the Crua and other hammock-tents. Click here for the page showing those videos.



Here you are ready for rain to be repelled leaving you dry and in relative comfort. The reviews I read did not mention water leakage problem but that does not guarantee it can not occur. I am a believer of having a waterproof tarp at hand to cover anything I want kept dry. It might be a pain to cover that Crua above with a tarp but if that is what is required to stay dry…

Another concern I have when sleeping suspended is how the curving floor limits your sleeping position. Are you forced to sleep on your back? When placed upon the ground that concern disappears. I envision that homeless folks would primarily place the Crua on the ground.


A few more pics before we go…



Ventilation and shade is a positive. Crawling critters could be your friend or foe.



Batten down the hatches… rain is on the way.






Portability, light weight, protection from sun, wind, rain. Easy set-up. Beats a cardboard box. If the USA would get tough regarding the ongoing invasion of the USA by millions of foreign nationals the artificially-inflated rental costs would be reduced. Data and statistics vary with estimates between 12-million and up to 20-million or more illegal alien invaders inside the USA. Those folks seek a place to live. Supply and demand economic law drives up rental costs so that the USA working-poor class often pays 50% up to 75% of their income for rental housing. Perpetual poverty in part due to traitor tyrants inside the USA allowing the hordes of illegal aliens to invade and drive down wages while increasing living costs for the huge portion of citizenry living at the bottom of the socioeconomic hierarchy. And our numbers continuously grow as an ever-growing percentage of the national wealth is diverted to the uppermost levels of society.



(the graphic above omits the small percentage at the top who have set up an economic system that sends a large majority if the nation-wide USA wealth to their greedy paws.)

Life events can send you plummeting down the hierarchy to a homeless state. Your circumstances determine how low you go. Lack of some sort of support system can place you in a precarious position. I prepared for the possibility of future homelessness by having some money set aside to cover costs for food and keeping my vehicle operational. If the worst happens at least I have basic shelter provided by the camper shell atop mu truck bed.


Copy of Truck Left Quarter

There was a lack of affordable cargo vans so I settled for a long-wheel-base pick-up truck. Chevrolet was chosen due to easy availability of repair facilities and low prices for used parts  and relative affordability of new parts.

Prepare now, at least in a basic way, before life circumstances send you plummeting downward to join the growing ranks of homeless folks within the USA.



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