Going Mobile / Pedal Power



Convenience, security, mobility and other stuff your mind can add to the fray via the comment section below. A few thoughts come to mind. I envision a blustery wind sending rain water into the sleeping area. Adding a tarp to cover all water entrance areas may be needed. Then a method of securing the tarp is required.

With so many scummy thuggish folks infesting the planet I would make the connection between the bike frame and the wheel holding up the opposite tend end more secure. A quick-release front wheel would be handy. To deter ne’er-do-wells and miscreants I would lock the rear wheel to the frame when sleeping.

Body and possession weight should anchor the tent to the ground but the fly (and tarp, if used) needs securing to deter wind. Either anchors pounded into the ground or tying to weighty objects. I wonder about the stability of the bike in that upright position. What can send it toppling onto its side? A really strong gust of wind? A prankster giving it a kick or a push? A drunk stumbling along running into your set-up sending all, including him, tumbling to the ground? A clever person with abilities could likely create something to add stability. Something akin to a kick-stand but with outriggers pointing to each side providing lateral stability. A field-expedient stability method would be using rope tied to the bike and reaching out to a tree or other solid upright object. The locale would need to be pedestrian/vehicle free to prevent impact with the ropes. Just one of many things the homeless person needs to figure out to stay dry and out of the elements and sleep in at least semi-comfort while avoiding the many negatives confronting the homeless person.




The front view shoes the detached front bike wheel acting as the support element. Is there only one entrance? The wise animal always has a “bolt hole” allowing quick escape from predators. Humans should emulate our animal friends. I would have a sharp knife or box-cutter at hand allowing a quick slash to make an escape hole.

A random thought. To prevent the need for detaching the wheel for each use what would fit in that front compartment holding the wheel to provide vertical support? Perhaps a wooden frame or PVC pipe tubing or aluminum pipe/struts assembled in a shape to fit and act as a support. Creativity may allow a bike-tent user to create a device that is better than what we see here.

One thought leads to another. A bike trailer may offer stability to the tent set-up. Merely being attached to a bike may lend vertical support to prevent tipping. Another method is to unhitch the trailer and set it next to the bike frame and secure the two using rope or other connecting device. That would increase stability greatly and assist with fending off thieves. Another post will cover bike trailers. Here is a pic to assist your visualizing a trailer helping with the practicality of the bike-tent:


Bike trailer large

When detached from the bike the drawbar would rest on the ground adding stability. Depending upon ground conditions it may be possible to drive a stake into the ground attached to the drawbar to add a lot more stability. The ingenious folks resorting to these various methods of sheltering themselves will surely create optimal conditions for their equipment to serve their needs. Humans are the tool-using animal and tools have propelled us to our current exalted status as the wiliest, pervasive and, at times, intrusive creature clinging to this rocky ball spinning through space.

The bike-tent comes with a pouch to store the unit:




If a bike trailer is present that would be a handy storage spot but, if not, here you go. If you park your bike to tend to business somewhere it appears the tote bag is a quick-release set-up allowing you to take it with you. Theft is the constant concern of the aware, wise person. When money is scarce we need to hang onto our possessions… especially when they help us survive.  Do I need to remand any of you to always lock your bike? A quality lock can be a good deterrent. It does not deter the vandal, however, so always try to park your bike in the safest place possible. If riding to your job try to park it inside. Always try to avoid leaving anything you own exposed in a public place where a dirt-ball passing by can give the spoke a powerful kick of slice a tire with a knife requiring replacement and many other vile deeds. I blame part of the increase of senseless violence and anti-social deeds upon the diversity and multiculturalism forced upon We, the People by tyrannical elite-class traitors. I cover this facet of life in other blogs.

A final thought. A bike-tent can assist with hiding your homeless condition. Present yourself as a traveler of the USA or your state or whatever. Make it appear that you are just passing through and it may help keep the cops away… for a while anyway. There are a multitude of scenarios regarding the homeless situation. The homeless in the Los Angeles basin face differing circumstances than the person in the small semi-isolated town of 15,000. Folks confronting brutal winters must prepare differently that the homeless in balmy far southern states. Some advice applies to all circumstances with other advice being general in nature and apply it to your situation as you see fit or simply ignore the advice, opinion or whatever I toss out in this blog. Good luck!!!!



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