Hammock Tent with Storage


Designed to hang from two trees or other suitable upright objects similar in size to a tree this tent-hammock can also be used on the ground using two sticks/poles/etc to provide a tent-like sleeping space. A video below shows how this is done.

Here are several reviews by folks who handled the Nube’.

Sierra Madre Research Nubé Shelter Review

Ultimate ‘Elevated Sleeping’ Setup? Nube Shelter System

Review: Sierra Madre Research – Nube hammock tent

Video Review

Nubé Floor: How to Set Up.   Using the Nuble’ when trees or other uprights are not present:

When viewing videos look at the comments section(s). There are some useful comments offering personal experiences with the product reviewed and about other products and also about things in general… in this instance hammock camping and other aspects of living/sleeping outside. In the video directly above a commenter claiming to have used the Nube’ made several comments telling of first-hand experience with the product.

The Lady below really really really likes her Nube’:

Below is a YouTube link leading to several videos by the Nube’ manufacturer:

Sierra Madre YouTube Video Channel

If what you see on this page arouses you… your interest, not that other arousal!!!  If this product may be useful to you or somebody you know that is homeless I recommend searching for more information and reviews. The product is in the $300 range with the winter barrier add-on another $75 so before spending the money ensure you know exactly what you are buying and the various ins and outs of using it in real life.

Below is the low-price model of the Nube. Read the comment section, also

Nubé Hammock Shelter   $229.00

Nubé Combos

No Trees? No Problem!   Nubé Floor   $75.00

Look around for the best price with anything you buy Especially stuff costing  a lot of bucks. I have noticed that the buying price at a manufacturers’ site is often more expensive that buying at Amazon, Wal-Mart or other stores… both on and off the Web.

I envision the hammock-tent as being a solution for some folks who live in a place conducive to suspended sleeping. This hanging device has less weight than the cot-tent and appears to be more portable. If you have any opinions or ideas the comment section below gives you the chance to make your written voice heard.

links checked July 13, 2022

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