Bicycle Trailers

Bike trailer large

A bicycle can be a hindrance or an enhancement when homelessness strikes. Circumstances vary greatly so you decide if a bike works well for you. If I was homeless without a vehicle to live in A bike would work for me since I am physically able to pedal it and the mobility would be helpful. One major drawback would be if you had to leave your bike unattended. A high-quality lock is required. And luck. Best is not having to leave the bike exposed to the societal scum that will steal or vandalize your bike.

An attached trailer allows storage for a tent and clothing and essential gear such as a toothbrush and other essentials. A waterproof trailer is a must. If you have a job do all you can to park your bike/trailer inside your workplace or other very secure spot so it remains intact and your possessions undisturbed.

In a way you will be “married” to your bike/trailer since maintaining and protecting it will be a central focus of your life. That will be too much of a hindrance for some so look for another method of shelter and transportation. If this combo may work well for you here is some information, pictures and links to assist your decision as to the practicality of this arrangement and which trailer may be best for you. When visiting the links look at those sites for links to other information sources. It is impractical for me to show all possible links. There are too many to list!!! You folks seeking information must exert some effort to obtain as much knowledge as possible. If you find a useful site not linked to here it would be appreciated if you placed the link and a description in the comment section below. Thanks!!!

This site has useful information but trailer use for the homeless is not considered. A trailer intended for hauling kids or pets or other uses can be used in a homeless situation though drawbacks will need to be confronted. My preference would be for a secure waterproof cargo-type trailer.

The Ultimate Guide to Picking a Bicycle Trailer

An experiment that is waiting for mass production. Alterations to increase practicality are needed. An inventive person with the skills, tools and material could convert a three-wheeled or other bike-type to something similar. The pros and cons are many but it beats a soggy cardboard box in a dank, dark alley.


The Camper Bike – the Bike You Can Almost Live In


A drawing from the site above. This idea has excellent possibilities. If you are in a flat area without hills or other impediment to practical pedaling this might be one way to defeat the worst aspects of homelessness. By constantly relocating and choosing out-of-the-way places to sleep and perform others tasks such as cooking/eating unwanted attention from the police and other folks who would put a crimp in your living life.

Though it is not a trailer as the other units are I consider this device close enough to bike/trailer living to include in this section. Hopefully this or a similar device built in a lightweight usable manner at an affordable cost will be available in the future.

Benefits of a bicycle Camper/Trailer


The unit above appears to be just a concept. Perhaps a Web search will reveal units ready to roll. Trailers of this type could ease the travails of those lacking traditional living arrangements.

Below is a trailer sold at Amazon that allows you to carry needed items with you as you pedal around town. If I used this method I would have a small tent in the container along with clothing and other essentials. Not nearly as good as a full-size cargo van but this might be the only option for those unable to acquire a motor vehicle for a living place.

Bike trailer post hitch

Aosom Enclosed Bicycle Cargo Trailer

While at that Amazon page look at the other bile-trailer offerings. There are several different types that could be handy if a bike is part of your homeless experience.




Bike trailer side hitch

Trailer heavy duty

Cycle Force Trail-Monster Cargo Trailer

The link above leads to a trailer with a claimed 275-pound cargo capacity. Once parked I wonder if some wood or metal supports could be placed to allow additional weight to be added– such as the weight of you crawling into the camper you build using this trailer as a platform.


The bike/trailer concept covers a lot of territory. There are many trailer-types and opportunities for the craftsperson to create their own trailer-abode by adding on to an existing trailer or creating a trailer from scratch. If you take this route to ease your homeless situation good luck to you and search the Web for ideas, precautions and various tips and tricks to increase your odds for a successful endeavor.

Links checked July 13, 2022

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