Citizen Homeless Competing with Illegal Alien Invaders

illegal alien versus citizen tent city

Patriots, data, statistics and general information varies. The cohort of citizens that support the invaders typically never mention the many negatives involved with the invaders. Sadly, those invader supporters are often extremely powerful people who control corporations that, in turn, control many of the media and have a lot of control over lackey politicians and bureaucrats. We, the People are constantly lied to and vital information is not shared with the public. Information that would assist voters with making voting decisions.

There are patriot groups that do not have nearly as much wealth or media power the traitors supporting the ongoing invasion has but they do their best. There are many Web sites that will reveal the realities of an ongoing invasion that costs taxpayers BILLIONS of dollars yearly!!! End the invasion and the money saved could be used to assist citizens!!!

Here is one news story that tells of one episode in an ongoing scam of traitors trying to convince the masses that ICE and others trying to protect the USA are evil while making the invaders appear to be the victims:

Fake news: CNN accuses ICE of ripping baby away from nursing mother – who wasn’t nursing


Here are some patriot Web sites I visit regularly:

Illegal Alien Crime Report

Numbers USA

Americans for Legal Immigration

Federation for American Immigration Reform

Be aware that We, the People are being lied to by evil traitor citizens. Along with the lies we are not being informed of many of the ongoing negatives involved with the invasion. You would think all the USA would know about the illegal alien invader who invaded the USA multiple times, thrown out after committing crimes against We, the People then returning to rampage some more. However, his last invasion will be his last. Taxpayers are now paying a lot of money to keep him fed, clothed and cared for until he dies in his cell some year. That illegal from Mexico was pure evil. He saw two nuns walking in a secluded area and decided to sate his lust. Beating both severely he brutally and savagely raped both. Not satisfied with that he grabbed one nun’s rosary beads and twisted them until they dug into her neck and throat until she could no longer breathe. She died in agony staring into the eyes of the filthy beast that should NEVER have been inside the USA to commit the horrible deed.

Patriots, there are many traitors among us. Every traitor assisting the invaders need to face military tribunals, charged with aiding and abetting the tens-of-thousands or more felonies illegals have committed against We, the People. If found guilty the immensity of their crimes can only result in life sentences. Make it a life at HARD-LABOR under military control.

So much attention devoted to invaders when that time and money needs to be focused upon citizens!!!


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