What It’s Like Living in a Toyota Motorhome RV and Why They Stopped Making Them – YouTube

Above is a used Toyota motor-home with what appears to be the full-floating dual rear wheel axle. The $3000 asking price may be low or high or just right. I have no idea what shape the body, engine, transmission, stove, water pumps, holding tanks, heater and all the other things inside are in. Maybe it needs thousands of dollars to make it runnable and livable or maybe a small investment will make it an option for the homeless person.

Think ahead and be prepared for calamity striking that leaves you homeless. If you have a vehicle akin to this one where everything works and it is a reliable running vehicle homelessness is much less scary. Especially if you are single or a happy couple able to live in close proximity.

If living in this mini-RV perhaps you can trade a few hours of weekly work doing maintenance or lawn mowing and weeding or whatever you can trade for a hook-up spot at an RV park. In some areas mobile home parks allow RVs to rent a space. Perhaps there you can work out a deal to trade work for a place to park. If you have enough savings or have a job you might be able to afford the rent and not have to trade work for a spot.

With a reliable running vehicle and you are unable to find a long-term place to park you may have to play the move-around game parking at various locations for a short time then move along to another spot and hope the local cops do not hassle you. If you are quiet and do not leave a mess and do nothing to get folks mad at you you might be able to do the stealth-living thing for awhile or maybe a long time. There are a lot of variables and attitudes vary greatly at different locales. Be flexible and adapt to your location.

There is a lot of information on the Web about these Toyota motor-homes so look around and learn of the ins-and-outs of these RVs. The truck aspect is from a reliable firm and parts are available and wrecking yards are full of used parts. That V-6 engine mentioned in the video was known for problems. If you find a vehicle you are interested in take the VIN to a Toyota dealer and they should be able to tell you if it has received any warranty work. If there was a recall then even if it is an older vehicle and not repaired yet Toyota MAY still be bound to repair it. A Toyota dealer should know but check the Web anyway since dealers can and will lie about this stuff.

I bought a used 1978 Toyota pick-up and it wouldn’t pass the California smog test. I took it to the dealer and though this was 1989 they told me that the catalytic converter was bad and that the exhaust system had an extended warranty due to California law. I was surprised when the dealer replaced the entire exhaust system starting where the exhaust manifold ended all the way back to the tail pipe. All the tubes, the convertor and the muffler. All new. For free. Wheeee!!!!!

If you can do mechanical work yourself the getting the truck part in great condition should be easy for you since these trucks are pretty basic. The RV stuff can be more complicated. Be careful with the propane. Ensure all the fittings are in great shape and not leaking. Be very careful with the heater. If you have any doubts consider having a professional at an RV repair shop inspect and do any needed work. If you can find a long-term parking place with electricity hook up I would seriously consider buying a free-standing 120-volt electric heater and create some insulated cover for the windows.

Also consider crafting a barrier between the trucks driving area and the living area. That will help insulate the living area and also offer more privacy and assist with stealth living so that light does not escape through the front windshield and front door windows.

I am unsure about emptying the black and gray water holding tanks. RV and trailer parks have sewer connections. Surely a way can be crafted to connect those holding tanks to the drain so that they drain immediately when the toilet is flushed and the sinks offer their used water. If you have to pump them dry ensure the pump works great and that you run it regularly. In a cold climate you do not want those holding tanks to freeze up. The fresh water tank must also be considered. If it freezes the water expands and could crack the tanks. I mention these possible problems to make you aware of them. If you decide one of these RVs may be right for you go search the Web and I know you will find answers there and find question and possible problems and how to avoid them that I have not covered here. Just the basics here to assist you with deciding if this homelessness coping option is the right one for you.

If it is there is a LOT to consider so do your research and learn all you can before seeking a used Toyota RV to buy. If you do seek one take your time. You are not homeless yet, right? Wait for the perfect deal. It may take awhile but the sooner you get started consistent searching and a little luck may pay off!!!

If after researching the Toyota RV you may decide it is not right for you. However, the knowledge gathered will surely be useful when looking at other RV or similar vehicle types. Good luck!!!

Remember… YouTube is full of information so always search there along with the standard search engines and I have found information via Google and Bing image searches that did not appear using the standard text search engines.



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