Capsule living: a ‘cheap’ option for young people flocking to LA

“Each room contains up to six capsules, which Wilson describes as “cozy.” They contain a single bed, a bar for hanging clothes, a few compartments for storing shoes and other items and an air vent.

By most standards, the accommodation is still not cheap — $750 per month plus taxes. That works out at around $800…”


Millions of illegal aliens drive up rental costs while decreasing wages for the working-poor citizen classes. Also, allowing foreigners to buy houses, apartments, etc. (the Chinese are HUGE on the West coast) drives up costs for USA citizen buyers. Many countries do not allow foreigners to compete with their citizens for living spaces.

Profit for elites across the planet trump everything inside the USA. Tyranny has risen, patriots. The Founder’s writings tell us what must be done when tyranny rears its ugly head. Foreign elites are spitting upon We, the People and the ongoing unholy alliance between big business and big government within the USA is creating a nation with vast numbers of have-nots and a tiny percentage of haves who own the majority of the national wealth.

Prepare, patriots.

Capsule living: a ‘cheap’ option for young people flocking to LA


The comments following the article express various opinions. This one makes sense:

“If living the mimalist life is your thing get a van, rv not a coffin.”

A van, RV, whatever non-traditional living place you have requires figuring out how to dispose of your body’s waste matter and how to stay clean and other details but preparing before you are homeless sure simplifies your life.

Preparing for a bout of homelessness can also increase your survival chances if unexpected tragedy strikes. What if a Great Depression struck or the economy collapses or civil unrest strikes across the USA or 150,000 jihadists following their well-prepared plans strike in unison disabling the country’s infrastructure or… well… a multitude of horrors that can leave you homeless for whatever reason.

Homelessness can happen by your choice. You may decide that your current living situation is dangerous or that the infrastructure in your area is collapsing or maybe gangs of thugs and vermin are rampaging in your area so it is time to get the heck outta’ there!!! Toss some clothes, tools, weapons, food, water, etc. into your vehicle intended for living within and find a safer place to live.

If you never become homeless be grateful that the fates, or luck or whatever it is that kept you from facing homelessness you can still use that vehicle for recreational use. A vehicle that sits and seldom to never is operated degrades in various ways. There are Web sites that will go into the details on how to store vehicles that are not used regularly and how to maintain them etc. Use your “living-in/escape/whatever vehicle for recreational purposes and get your money’s worth from it and sleep easier at night knowing that you are prepared better than most for unexpected eventualities.

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