The Worst Vehicle Ever Made (Do Not Buy) Chevy Savana Cargo Van – YouTube

An unreliable vehicle can be misery for the homeless. Your dwelling must not be taken away from you for a mechanic to work on it. Do you sleep in a tent or cardboard box while waiting for the repair? Repairs can be expensive and can be a budget breaker.

You need reliability for your live-in vehicle. Maybe the older Chevy vans are more reliable. Whenever buying a van consider the access to the engine and other components when buying. Self-repair is harder when accessing components is difficult. Difficult access also increases the costs of hiring a mechanic to do the repair work. Time is money and the longer it takes to repair your vehicle the more it will cost.

Investigate vehicle reliability on the Web before you buy a live-in vehicle. Remember that anything mechanical and/or electrical can break so try hard and harder to have a financial reserve to cover repairs to keep your home on wheels mobile.


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