How poor people survive in the USA | DW Documentary – YouTube

Homelessness can be difficult to escape from. The fellow paying a lot of money for a motel room is hounded by a past eviction that haunts him. Apply for a place to rent that offers more for less cost than a motel room and a past eviction can be enough for other landlords to refuse to rent a place to you.

I was seeking a place to rent and had no prior evictions and had ample savings to cover rent and security deposit but… “You don’t have any credit history, why not? Easy answer… I never borrowed any money and I shunned credit cards. “I can’t rent to you without a credit history,” the rental house owner told me. Great, your house is ugly anyway. Bye.

Folks, do your best to have a reliable vehicle that offers enough room to make vehicle living as comfortable as possible. A passenger van is better than a 2 or 4-door car and a cargo van, especially a long-wheel-base model  is best of all “normal” vehicles.

An RV, especially a larger one, can be the most comfortable but parking limitations become crucial and you may be unable to do the “stealth living” style of vehicle living. In many towns/cities the cops will harass you if they catch you living in your vehicle. Circumstances vary a lot across the USA so each of you have to confront homelessness as you personally encounter it.

Use the Web. Seek out the experiences of others and how they handled their situations. Determine what is best for you… before you are homeless and prepare at least partially for a homeless event. The truly wealthy folks and/or those with a lot of connections that can assist them during rough times do not need to prepare as the vast majority of common folks need to.

Good luck and hoping you avoid homelessness but if it comes be ready for it!!!


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