Camper Kart is a Tiny Home That Pops Out of a Shopping Cart


“Kevin Cyr recognizes that although some people choose to construct tiny houses out of a deep love for the environment, hundreds of thousands of people around the world don’t have the resources to build their own home – no matter how small it is. It weighs very little, features mesh walls that allow the tent to breathe and it folds down into a wooden box made of what appear to be recycled pieces of wood.

This inconspicuous intervention makes the the cart look very uninteresting to passersby and could well avert would-be thieves. We’re not sure how folks with no home could get their hands on one of these, except through sponsors or charity programs, but it looks significantly more comfortable than a cardboard box. For more solutions to nomadic life, check out Kevin’s Home in the Weeds.”


A creative homeless person with the needed skills, tools, place to build the shopping cart house and required material to build with could build their own home on wheels. To avoid trouble with police maybe an alternative to a shopping cart could be the base for the unit. Larger wheels would assist with moving the house over rougher terrain such as a weed-grown lot where some hiding from the public can occur.

At the linked-to site are other ideas and example about homeless life so poke around that interesting site. Lots of pictures make the site interesting.


Camper Kart is a Tiny Home That Pops Out of a Shopping Cart

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